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Hourglass ~ Myra McEntire [ARC review + interview + giveaway]

400 pages
June 14, 2011
Emerson "Em" Cole has been seeing people that aren't really there--like Scarlett O'Hara-esque Southern Belles on her doorstep--for several years now. It all started several months before both of her parents tragically died . . .

After one particular incident at her local school embarrassed Em and made nearly everyone think she was crazy, she's spent the last few years at a boarding school, trying to stay sane.
Now, though, her scholarship is gone and Emerson has come back home to finish high school. All while living with her much older brother and his wife--her ever well meaning brother who's always finding a psychic or someone who's sure they can help Em.

Understandably Em's more than a little apprehensive when her brother tells her he's found someone else to 'cure' her.
Willing to give one more person a shot, Em gives in . . . and meets Michael.

Michael who's barely older than Em, who doesn't look at her like she's crazy, who seems to believe her . . . and who wants her help in preventing a death he says should never have happened.

Then, of course, there's the electrical charge that goes through the room whenever they touch.

Myra McEntire's debut novel is amazing. It's a fresh concept executed beautifully. The reader gets pulled right into Em and her story right from the first page.

There's no filler or pointless pages, the story starts right from the first word, pulls you in and doesn't you go until the end (and even then it's debatable!). To say that Hourglass is time travel done right sounds like a broken record by now (and this with the book not even released yet) but it's also true. There's thought behind the how and actions are given consequences--all the things that leave most stories lacking.

Em is a character you can't help but love--a feeling that just grows as the story progresses. She has issues (who wouldn't seeing people that no one else can and having both parents die the way they died?) but those issues play into the story.
Can't forget Michael or Kaleb, either--literally you pretty much can't! Any book with two such strong male characters (and not in the chauvinistic sense of strong, but in the 'strong character' sense) should get extra points there.

All of this is on top of the great way Myra McEntire uses words. In the beginning the senses (touch, smell, sight, sound) are used a lot to really bring the reader into the scene and make you feel a part of what's happening. (Taste isn't used as much, but I suppose you could lick the book if you really want.)

Hourglass is an incredibly strong debut, the Doctor Who references certainly don't hurt, and I absolutely cannot wait to read more from Myra McEntire.

giant thank you Egmont for my review ARC and Brooke at Goodman Media for the giveaway copy (keep reading)


Your website bio says your lyrical talents are unappreciated, if you had to write a few
lyrics/a rap for Emerson & Michael what would they be? (Or a verse of a released song?)
It would have to come from Jason Mraz’s A BEAUTIFUL MESS. Pick a verse, any

If you got the chance to be one of the Doctor's companions (on Doctor Who) which of
your characters would you most enjoy being your co-companion? (And which Doctor
would you choose?)The battle between David Tennant and Matt Smith will rage in my heart forever. SO BOTH of them. And … Kaleb. I bet he’d get us into a spectacular amount of trouble.
Would you like to be able to travel in time, or would you prefer to have some other
supernatural ability?
Mind reading. I think mind reading would be fabulous.

If Hourglass were made into a movie (or TV show) who would you like to see cast?
(and in keeping with the plot, it can be anyone from any time)
Em is sort of Anna Sophia Robb in my mind. I cannot find anyone who is exactly my Michael. And Kaleb would look like the love child of Kellan Lutz and Channing Tatum. Awkward, I know.

What is a current/upcoming YA book or author that you recommend?
I just finished The Revenant by Sonia Gensler and Holy Cannoli did it surprise me. I knew I’d enjoy it, but it has a definite heartbeat I didn’t excpect.

Anything you can reveal about your next book(s)?
There are ducks. :D

Thank you Myra McEntire for the interview!


Important: the mail did not deliver the giveaway copy of Hourglass before I left town , so I don't yet have it in my possession. I'm assuming it's going to be there when I return for me to send to the winner. But anyone entering this giveaway is acknowledging knowing this.

Must be 13 to enter, open to US only (sorry!)
Ends June 24 (winner will be notified once I know I have the book)
Entry: Fill out the form *and* in the comments section, let me know what you see as the 'ultimate' coffee drink


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