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Book Trailer Friday [@epicreads]

Jessica Shirvington (author of The Violet Eden Chapters series that began with Embrace) has a new series Disruption. The first book Disruption came out in October and if you are wondering what it's about, here's the trailer that explains everything!

Disruption on Goodreads & Amazon

What if a microchip could identify your perfect match? What if it could be used against you and the ones you love?

Eight years ago, Mercer Corporation’s M-Bands became mandatory. An evolution of the smartphone, the bracelets promised an easier life. Instead, they have come to control it.

Two years ago, Maggie Stevens watched helplessly as one of the people she loved most was taken from her, shattering her world as she knew it.

Now, Maggie is ready. And Quentin Mercer—heir to the M-Corp empire—has become key to Maggie’s plan. But as the pieces of her dangerous design fall into place, could Quentin’s involvement destroy everything she’s fought for?

In a world full of broken promises, the ones Maggie must keep could be the most heartbreaking.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gilded Cage ~ Vic James (earc) review [@DelReyBooks @DrVictoriaJames]

Gilded Cage (Dark Gifts #1)
Del Rey Books
February 14, 2017
368 pages
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Not all are free. Not all are equal. Not all will be saved.

Our world belongs to the Equals — aristocrats with magical gifts — and all commoners must serve them for ten years. But behind the gates of England's grandest estate lies a power that could break the world.

A girl thirsts for love and knowledge.

Abi is a servant to England's most powerful family, but her spirit is free. So when she falls for one of the noble-born sons, Abi faces a terrible choice. Uncovering the family's secrets might win her liberty, but will her heart pay the price?

A boy dreams of revolution.

Abi's brother, Luke, is enslaved in a brutal factory town. Far from his family and cruelly oppressed, he makes friends whose ideals could cost him everything. Now Luke has discovered there may be a power even greater than magic: revolution.

And an aristocrat will remake the world with his dark gifts.

He is a shadow in the glittering world of the Equals, with mysterious powers no one else understands. But will he liberate—or destroy?
Gilded Cage is the first book in the Dark Gifts series and when you finish it, you're going to hate that you don't already have Book 2! (Luckily, Tarnished City will be out in September!) Don't worry, though, that Gilded Cage has some giant cliffhanger ending, it does not. After everything that happens, especially in the immediate run-up to the ending, you're going to need to know what happens next.

It also was not just the ending that I liked about this book. I love that it Vic James didn't just put the Equals, with their Skills or the slavetowns in an England what was otherwise unchanged from the actual England. Rather, there's an alternate history she created (and not just for England) that makes for a fuller, richer world. It helps in understanding how and why things are how they are -- and how the characters feel about it. You understand better, thanks to the context and history, why they can't just not serve their decade.

There are several narrators for the book, more than half of a dozen, actually, and I thought it was going to be confusing or make it hard to connect to the characters. I was surprised by how well it did work. The three or four main narrators allow readers to see into the different parts of society, the different lives characters are leading and the mindset of someone in that position. The other narrators (that we hear from less) also give some pretty crucial insight and allow us to see things at all or in ways that we wouldn't have relying on other characters.

Gilded Cage was a more complex, intricate fantasy than I was expecting but was still close enough to the world we live in to make the differences that much more stark while aiding in readers relating to the characters. Now that I know more of both the world and the characters, I am really, really looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book, Tarnished City (and if things will have to get worse before they get better).

digital review copy received, thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley

Top Ten Tuesday: Valentine's Edition

This week's Ten:
All About Romance Tropes/Types
Specifically, ten books where I loved the
Chemistry Between Characters and/or Romance

These Broken Stars (Starbound #1) by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Article 5 (Article 5 #1) by Kristen Simmons
review // Goodreads

Love, Lucy by April Lindner
review // Goodreads

The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen #1) by Jodi Meadows
review // Goodreads

Blackhearts (Blackhearts #1) by Nicole Castroman
review // Goodreads

The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore
 review // Goodreads

The Program (The Program #1) by Suzanne Young
review // Goodreads 

Forgotten by Cat Patrick
review // Goodreads

Time After Time by Sue Haasler

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry #1) by Simone Elkeles

Please leave a comment and let me know what book/characters are your favorite when it comes to chemistry! (Or your favorite - or least favorite - romances overall.)

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Jonah ~ Nikki Kelly (earc) review [@Styclar @FierceReads @FeiwelFriends]

Jonah (Styclar Saga #3)
Feiwel & Friends
February 07, 2017
352 pages
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** Reviews of Lailah (Styclar Saga #1) and Gabriel (Styclar Saga #2) **

The conclusion of the Styclar Saga trilogy focuses on Jonah, the vampire badboy with a hunger for Lailah and a rivalry with the angel Gabriel.

Jonah is the vampire who saved Lailah from the appetites of even darker evil: the vampire Purebloods. Now he must decide whether he will give up his existence so that Lailah will survive—even if it means that she will spend eternity with his friend and rival, the angel Gabriel.

This stunning conclusion to the Styclar Saga will have fans deciding once and for all: Team Jonah or Team Gabriel?

I think I may have liked both Jonah and Gabriel a bit less in Jonah than I did in Lailah and Gabriel. Yet, at the same time, I really liked all that we learned about the characters, the different dimensions, and what they would all need to - and/or want to - do to keep others safe.

The things Jonah did or said, particularly in the beginning, that I found off-putting, were also things that I knew needed to happen. (I do feel the need to note that a lot of people will probably love how he was. I just did not.) So, while I may not have loved all of the characters as much (some of how Jonah acted, that we saw less of Gabriel), were also really central to the advancement of the plot. (Which leaves me all kinds of jumbled up about how I feel.)

The beginning and where it took the characters and the action was really smartly done. It was unexpected, yet still fit in with what we've learned about the world in the Styclar Saga and how things work. It got everyone to exactly when and where was needed.

There was one element of the ending that I figured out pretty early on but I liked it (more and more the closer it came to the ending) because it really amped up the tension and the suspense. I thought I had it figured out and what it would mean but didn't know if I was right or if the characters would figure it out, too. It really kept me turning those pages.

The world building in this series was fantastic right up until the very end. I love how the author took some known things (arch angels, vampires, etc) but spun them in a new direction. How the angels, demons, humans, vampires, even the Sealgaire all interact, the 'rules' for each of them and how they're all a part of the larger whole was brilliant.

I am sorry to see the Styclar Saga come to an end, but it was a very satisfying end. The journey all of the characters undertook from the first page of Lailah to (literally) the last page of Jonah, all that readers learned about the different dimensions, the characters and their histories made for some great reading* and I look forward to what's next from Nikki Kelly!

*Not to mention, each of the three books had a killer ending!

digital review copy received, thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley
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