Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review Hiatus-ish

Reviews will likely be a bit sparese for a bit, my laptop (yes, my almost brand new laptop--please don't remind me) is now so very broken-the top half/screen, too so it'll be hard to fix.

I'm having to rely on my phone for internet and that doesn't lend itself (at least not well) to writing reviews/getting them posted.

I hope to at least get things remedied somehow once I'm back home again in several weeks. (I'll still be reading, though!) Update on the Hourglass giveaway to come.

I'm so-you do not know how so very-sorry!!!


  1. That sucks about your laptop. :(

  2. @Chrystal

    Sorry I didn't reply to this before-the broken laptop messed me up.

    Thank you, though!!! :)


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