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The Royal Treatment ~ Lindsey Leavitt ARC review

The Royal Treatment (Princess for Hire #2)
Hyperion Book CH
May 3, 2011
**Spoilers for Princess for Hire (my review) below**

In Princess for Hire, Lindsey Leavitt's first novel in this series, we met Desi Bascomb and, along with her, learned about MP, magical potential that some girls have. It's what allowed Desi to see the ad in the newspaper that brought Meredith into her bathroom via a traveling bubble.

A new member of Facade, as a Level 1 Desi became the sub for different royal girls wanting to get, temporarily, away from their lives from one reason or another.

But being Desi she put her own spin on things.

Now aiming for Level 2, Desi has things to learn--or try to learn--in order to take on more high profile jobs.

But with Level 2 comes more fun, too. Roller skating, yachts, and the chance to see the prince that got her in trouble last time.

Not to mention Desi's in her school's production of Midsummer Night's Dream and has rehearsal's on top of her subbing duties!

Is it possible for Desi to live both parts of her life to the fullest . . . even when she's starting to think there's more to Facade than meets the eye?

The Royal Treatment has a more complex plot than Princess for Hire getting more into Desi's life outside of being a sub and more into the agency outside of Meredith taking Desi to her assignments. Seeing the expansion in the storyline was really enjoyable--readers still got to see Desi being a sub (and it was possibly more fun this time around), but things outside of that were expanded.

Different plot points were introduced in this second book that look like they're going to lead to an even more exciting third (and fourth?) book. Things were left open enough to lave you just itching to read the latter books but not at all unsatisfied with the one you just finished.

The secondary characters were once again great--and more involved in the story, too. The newer characters were lovely, too and I can't wait to see where future books lead their story lines.

Lindsey Leavitt has created a series that is fun and a super enjoyable read for anyone from middle grade readers on up. The Princess for Hire series is one that just leaves readers feeling happy, you can't go wrong with that.


Huge thank you to Disney Hyperion for my advance copy

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  1. I haven't had a chance to read Lindsey Leavitt yet, but I hope to read her novels. This looks like a fun series.


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