Friday, December 10, 2010

Children Make Terrible Pets ~ Peter Brown review

Children Make Terrible Pets
Little Brown Books for Young Readers
September 7, 2010
40 pages

Children Make Terrible Pets is a children's book so I can't really write a full review of it (it's not long enough, etc to critique the plot, characters and such), but I do want to say a little bit about it because of how cute it is.

Prior to receiving it in the mail from the publisher, I had actually already wanted to buy this book. Granted I'm someone that still loves animated Disney movies, but the title and the cover made it look like a cute, fun book.

Children Make Terrible Pets is a book for four to eight year olds that was published earlier this fall. In the story a bear, Lucy, finds a young boy and wants to keep him as her pet. At first her mother disagrees, warning Lucy that, "Children make terrible pets." Lucy, however is able to convince her mother that she will take care of the boy--who's appealing to her because he, "Squeaks!" Lucy and the boy have fun--but Lucy also has trouble training the boy to do some things.

With really unique, fun illustrations (the back of the book describes that they're done in pencil, with cut construction paper, some wood and some digital tweaking) and a quirky storyline this tale will appeal--and likely teach something--to the younger children to which it's aimed, but it'll also be entertaining to those reading it to them.

I can see this being a favorite book of parents, older siblings and babysitters who are either the ones in charge of reading the book to younger children or the ones who are also a part of story time.

And with all of the text in big word bubbles, it should be easy for beginning readers to read as well.

If you have a younger reader--or pre-reader--on your holiday list this year, consider this book for sure.


(Humongous thank you to the publisher for this book!)

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