Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oogy ~ Larry Levin review

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love
Grand Central Publishing
October 12, 2010
224 pages
(aka the review I was writing when my computer's a/c adapter broke-yay for borrowed computers!)

Larry Levin and his twin boys took their dying cat to the vet, never expecting to find a dog to adopt. But they did. They found Oogy, the puppy missing his left ear and his face slightly asymmetrical from dog fighting injuries. They found Oogy--or Oogy, still just a little puppy, found them and something convinced them to take this dog into their home and their life with Oogy and Oogy began.

I received this book expecting it to be about a family whose cat passed away and they unexpectedly rescued a funny looking dog and loved him more than they thought they could. Oogy was so much more of a book than that. Granted I thought I would love it even if it was that because I love dogs and I love books so ergo I usually love books about dogs. I'm glad this book was so much more, however.

Oogy is a book about rescuing/adopting dogs, it's a book about how yes, you'll love that adorable golden retriever puppy, but you can also love that other dog who might look a little goofy or the one who has some scars--or the one who's seven years old and isn't a puppy but has the sweetest eyes.

It's also a book about adopting babies--of the human variety--and the joy that can bring to one's life--and also the great way those babies can view it when they're older. And if you happen to do both, adopt a dog (or cat) and a baby, it's about the bond they can form with each other, knowing they do, in a way, come from the sort of place.

Now, obviously, that's a very simple way to talk about this book, but it's also a very true way. Oogy is a beautiful book because it does talk express all of the things mentioned above but without ever seeming like it's really trying to. It's just Larry Levin telling the story of his and his family's life and their dog Oogy and the rest comes with it.


(received from GoodReads FirstReads program)

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