Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Soul to Take ~ Rachel Vincent review

My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers #1)
Harlequin Teen
August 1, 2009
384 pages

While this is the first book in the series, it does take place after the novella, My Soul to Lose so this review will have spoilers for that if you haven't read it yet.

As the book opens, Kaylee and her best friend Emma are sneaking into a club. Everything's going pretty well--even including the slight lecture from Emma's older sister who works at the club and is the reason they got in--until Kaylee sees a girl and feels something building in her throat. Something very much like the scream she let out that day in the mall that got her checked into the hospital's psychiatric ward for a stay.

And all of this just when cute boy Nash appeared, too.

If Kaylee's able to keep herself under control--and find out why exactly it is she feels the need to let out ear splitting screams after seeing certain people who just don't look the way they should, maybe she can actually have a normal life.

Yeah, right.

The first book in Rachel Vincent's YA series (her adult series starts with Stray) is a really fast paced, fresh, and great read. Not only is it about a supernatural being that I haven't read any other book, let alone a YA book or a series on (banshess-or bean sidhes as it's spelled in the book), but Rachel Vincent is a really gifted and talented writer.

Her characters are well developed, her plots well laid out and thought through and while My Soul to Take involves high schoolers and is partially set in a high school I think readers of her adult series could enjoy it, too.

The story develops well from start to finish, pulling bits and pieces from earlier in to help later in the story but leaving enough hanging (plot and character-wise) to make you really, really want to rush out and get the next book. (In fact my review of Book Two, My Soul to Save should be posted pretty soon).

If you've already read the Werecats series from Rachel Vincent or heard great things about it but thought it was too adult for you (it's possible), then definitely, definitely pick up My Soul to Take, I doubt you'll be sorry . . . and if you are, look into that regifting thing that all the 'news' shows are talking about ;)


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