Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghostgirl ~ Lovesick by Tonya Hurley review

If you're going to be stuck at home tonight handing out candy and the doorbell will be ringing a little too much for you to get into one of the may scary movies playing on TV, here's a book you should run to the bookstore (or the library) to pick up for some fun Halloween reading (just be careful if you have an gummi bears!). . .

ghostgirl: Lovesick
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
July 12, 2010
320 pages
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Synopsis: One (maybe?) last time in this third ghostgirl book, Charlotte and her friends are all back--both the living and the dead. After dying, meeting up in Dead Ed, and helping out by answering the calls, they have one more task. Sent back to Charlotte's old high school, the same one where she was all but invisible and met her death by choking on a gummi bear.

This time, though, Charlotte's there on a mission: each of the dead teens is assigned a living counterpart that they're supposed to help through one major problem--and all in time for problem, too.

Charlotte faces the trouble of keeping her (dead) boyfriend, reconnecting with Scarlet now that they're on the same plane of existence, and remembering just how she is--and all she's learned about herself before she becomes invisible again.

Review: The theme song for this could easily be David Bowie's "Changes." All of the characters are going through a lot of changes in their lives, through most of the novel. It kept things fresh, this being the third book in the series, to have new things happening to them and them at different crossroads (and they are teenagers so having everything smooth wouldn't make much sense, would it?).

I did appreciate, too, that the changes and turbulence they (Scarlet, Charlotte, Damien, Petula, etc) experienced weren't coming from nowhere (except when they were supposed to!). The events of this third book built on events of the earlier two books and also tied things together nicely. The same humor, wit, and charm was present in ghostgirl: Lovesick that made me fall in love with the first two books.

This was a very enjoyable ending (I think) to this series and I'm so glad that I read this series. The characters are enjoyable, the story is endearing and funny and altogether it's absolutely unlike anything you'll ever read. (I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for some sort of a Tonya Hurley/Tim Burton movie!)

Rating: 9/10

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huge-a-rific thank you to the author (and her sister!) for the review copy of this book--I hope you can forgive me for waiting to post it on Halloween!!!


  1. what is the guide questionsof ghostgirl lovesick?

    1. I'm not sure I quite understand your question . . . there wasn't a 'reader guide' or anything in the book. Anything else has to do with the plot and you'll have to read it for that :)

      If you meant something different, please do try asking me again.


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