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Anxiously Awaited Authors (New Meme)

There are lots of memes and also random posts for telling about specific upcoming books we (ie I) might want to read, but I thought it would be fun to post about some authors I would like to see another book(s) from . . . This time (this may or may not be a one time thing) I have two authors whose publishing future I really have no clue about and one who I am sure is working on a new book--I just really want to know what it is and when it's coming!

Anxiously Awaited Authors (AAA)
Authors I Would Love to See More From: Part I

Marjetta Geerling published Fancy White Trash in 2008 and I loved that book to pieces so, so much. I emailled her about it even to tell her how much I loved it. I fell in love with the characters, the relationships, all of it. I'm kind of brokenhearted that there isn't more of her writing for me to read. (Or even a paperback that could have a cover of them in the tree eating Cheetos and drinking soda-it makes sense if you read the book, unless my memory's gone kablooey.)

I was hoping even for more of the FWT characters . . . or new ones, whatever, but then there wasn't anything at all and now I just have to be sad over what could have been but hasn't. So, publishing people, you should definitely publish another of Ms Geerling's books. And everyone in the world: you should buy it so that more will be published after that!

Here's Marjetta Geerling's website, Fancy White Trash on Amazon, and my review of it.

Sue Haasler actually has three books out, but I've only been able to get my hands on one of them, Time After Time, but it's absolutely one of my favorite books!

The main character Cass lives in an old English manor that's been turned int a museum (she's the administrator). She has a boyfriend who's not exactly doing it for her, developers who want to take the manor out from under her--and then she gets an invitation to her high school reunion. And remembers her boyfriend Gideon Harker, the last guy who really did do it for her (the '80s hottie in the leather trench coat and eyeliner).

There's the fun of her going back to see everyone . . . and wondering if Gideon's going to be boring and not so hot now after fifteen years. The chapters are named after 1980s pop songs and it's not heavy or very serious at all, but I don't care one bit because I love it and it's fun and cute and sweet. I really need to go look on Book Depository for her other two books!

Besides Time After Time, she also published Two's Company and True Colors.

My third AAA is an author that is actually going to have a book coming out soon-ish, I believe, but I really, really wish I knew what it was or what to cover looked like or when it was going to be out . . . so, she's on my AAA list: Cheryl Renee Herbsman. Ms Herbsman published her debut novel Breathing in April of 2009 (the paperback came out in June of this year).

My review of this fantabulosity filled book should be up soon, but for now just know that if you haven't read it yet, you really, really should--it will bring back those now dwindling or gone days of summer and have you sure you're sitting in the sand somewhere listening to the waves, dreaming of your future--for the few seconds before someone calls you back to your crazy life.

Breathing introduced a true storytelling talent and I reallly hope I don't have to wait too much long to read more from Cheryl Renee Herbsman.

(Bonus Anxiously Awaited Author who can't really be included because of my personal guidelines [meaning I have an actual release date, cover, and synopsis for her next book] but one I so want to include anyhow: Dia Reeves! [& Slice of Cherry].)

What about you?
Is there any author (or more than one) whose book you just love but then they all but disappeared never to publish again? Tell me about them! Or maybe there's an author whose book you heard about six months ago but it's not coming out until 2012--tell me about that, too . . . interpret that 'Anxiously Awaited Authors' (which may not be quite grammatically correct, but oh well) title however you want--and link it here:

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  1. I'm thinking of Judy Blundell, but she has a book coming out next year. I loved What I Saw and How I Lied (2008).


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