Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ghostgirl: Homecoming ~ Tonya Hurley review

Little Brown
296 Pages
July 1, 2009

(Don't read until the **** unless you've already read ghostgirl or unless you don't mind spoilers.)

Charlotte and her Dead Ed crew have graduated and are on to the next phase of their life...or death, rather. Only, it's not quite the pearly white gates they encounter as everyone would expect. Instead they end up as interns in a phone bank of sorts. (You'll figure out just why by reading the book!)

And while Charlotte's off trying to make her way through the afterlife, Scarlet's trying to deal with a long distance relationship and another year with her sister and the Wendys. Will she survive? Will she and Damen?

And who's going to end up in the hospital? (If you like more spoilers than me...the back of the book lets you know.)


This book was so much better than the first ghostgirl. While I really liked that one, I loved this one. It didn't have the trouble getting started that the original did and pulled me in right from the very first page and kept me there until the very last word.

The setting(s) were great--both original and very creative and I loved the way that Charlotte's story and Scarlet's were brought together so well even though they were on different planes. Nothing was taken away from either the characters or the plot to work things together.

The characters also had more depth this time--from Petula to Damen to Charlotte to Pam, etc--and it made the story much more enjoyable. There were morals on popularity, relationships and family in the story, more in fact that I expected from the story but not so much that it ever got preachy and they always blended seamlessly with the tale being told.

With ghostgirl: Homecoming I felt like Tonya Hurley really got into the swing of being an author and it was truly like a novel, not just ghostgirl.com's novelization*. (If that makes sense.)

I loved this second glimpse into Charlotte and Scarlet's life and friendship and, though, I love where their stories were left, I do hope there's more of their tales to be told.

ghostgirl:Homecoming is released tomorrow and it's just as snazzy looking as ghostgirl so go out and buy yourself a copy!


*Though part of me's also hoping there's a ghostgirl movie someday.

Thank you, again, to Lisa at Little Brown for sending me ghostgirl & ghostgirl:Homecoming!!


  1. I love the first book so much! I saw that all the literarty publications gave it stars, so i wasn't sure if I'd like it, but it was AWESOME. I am so excited that you think this one is even better. I'm going out to get it first thing in the a.m. I wish they opened the book store here at midnight for it!

  2. I hope a movie comes out too!! Directed by Tim Burton!!

  3. @ Anonymous
    Well, I certainly do hope you enjoy it! :D

    @ Marie
    I know I'd see that movie for sure :)

  4. I so want the movies to come out soon! That would be so awesome. I own both books and read them both in 5 days! Addicted!

  5. im trying to hunt down ghostgirl the movie. i saw it on tv in a Bio of cutest child stars and one of the child stars played scarlet when she was young. but i cant find it anywhere.


  6. I read ghostgirl homecoming and loved it so much,cant wait for the next book lovesick.and if there is going to be a movie directed by TIM BURTON i will be first in line to see it.


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