Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

Sells Like Teen Spirit:Music, Youth Culture, and Social Crisis by Ryan Moore (nonfiction)
Here's a short part of the summary from one of the book listing pages:

In Sells Like Teen Spirit, Ryan Moore tells the story of how music and youth culture have changed along with the economic, political, and cultural transformations of American society in the last four decades. By attending concerts, hanging out in dance clubs and after-hour bars, and examining the do-it-yourself music scene, Moore gives a riveting, first-hand account of the sights, sounds, and smells of "teen spirit."Moore traces the histories of punk, hardcore, heavy metal, glam, thrash, alternative rock, grunge, and riot grrrl music, and relates them to wider social changes that have taken place.

It's images and writings on different bands (from Nirvana to Sleater Kinney and on) and is a more positive outlook on the impact music (even punk music, shock*gasp*shock!!) has on the lives of teens. And it sounds like it's going to include the way music has been influencing society and government (and the reverse)-and not only the negative ways that are so publicised.

The paperback of this is $24 and the hardcover is $74 but I'm going to have to hope that either they super decrease the price or someone has some contests or something. (Hey, I didn't take a magazine writing class at Columbia College-summer school- and write about politics and music for no reason! This subject interests me.)

It's not out until December 2009 and Ryan Moore* is the author.

(*I just looked and he's a professor near where I live now...hmmm.)

Now for Part II--not exactly a new book, but one I'm anticipating coming out just the same:

Almost Home by Jessica Blank (paperback release)

Unless I'm wrong, Stephanie Kuehnert listed this as one of her favoirte books somewhere(s) and since I love her books...Almost Home by Jessica Blank is coming out in paperback July 14 and since I haven't read it yet, this seems like the perfect opportunity :)

Book Description:

Why would anyone choose to live on the streets?

There is Eeyore, just twelve years old when she runs away from her priveleged home, harboring a secret she's too ashamed to tell anyone. Rusty is a sensitive gay teen who winds up alone when his older boyfriend ditches him in Hollywood. Squid has gone through too many foster homes to count. There's Scabius, a
delusional punk from Utah who takes the "me against the world" motto to dangerous extremes. And Critter is a heroin dealer with movie star looks and a vulnerable heart. Laura should be home studying, but she can't face another one of her mom's boyfriends.

And then there's Tracy, the damaged thread that ties them all together, irrevocably changing each life she touches.

This unlikely band of characters form their own dysfunctional family, complete with love and belonging, abuse and betrayal. Each will make their way home, wherever it may be.

Here's the Amazon link to buy (and B&N will have their 10% off or whatever which is good for paperbacks in store).


  1. Woah, that is expensive. It sounds good though, yes.

    And Almost Home is a great novel. I really want her new one...though I can't remember when it comes out.

  2. New one is called 'karma for beginners' and its out august 18!

  3. @ Shooting Stars Mag
    I'm really going to have to read Almost Home soon--either the hardcover or the paperback once it comes out...and thank you, I didn't know she had a new one soon

    @ Anonymous
    Thanks for the info!


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