Friday, June 26, 2009

Video Veneris

Since I posted my review of Absolutey Maybe by Lisa Yee last week, here is a readergirlz interview video with her:

Lisa Yee reads a great excerpt from the book (that explains Maybe's name), summarizes the book exceptionally well...and even lets us in on what the title of the book had been going to be!

and a note about my little Video Veneris (Video Friday)'s: I forgot to post this note last week, but Marta Acosta on her Vampire Wire blog posts videos (Gratuitious Video of the Day) that usually have something to do with Buffy or Supernatural or, well, other vampires...when I was coming up with things for this blog to go with each day, I came up with videos for Friday-no idea if her blog influences it, but I felt the need to give note here :)

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