Monday, December 1, 2008

Dead is the New Black ~ Marlene Perez

Dead is the New Black
Harcourt Press
208 Pages
September 1, 2008

Dead is the New Black has a quote on the back from Nancy Holder that the book is Buffymeets Veronica Mars. Now, given that Ms Holder has written some Buffy books (I just knowthings, people) I expected this to actually be true. I'm not really sure it was.

Dead lists it's suggested reading age as '12+' and this is the first book I've read in a long while where I think that is actually accurate. Which also why I'm not sure about the Buffy/Veronica Mars comparison...While it is true that you could look at the events ofthe book on an outline and say they were similar to Buffy (especially two or three lateron in the book), how they actually played out seemed a bit more...juvenile? I don't meanthat negatively necessarily, it's just that I think the book was promoted to an older audience that it would appeal to.

There are people who either wouldn't have watched Buffy or been the age to watch VeronicaMars so a 'it's Buffy meets Veronica Mars' quote wouldn't really pull them in to a bookthat I think would, actually, really appeal to them.

The people the marketing would appeal to, though, might find the book better suited for a younger audience. The main character, Daisy, was supposed to be a junior in high schoolbut she didn't impress me as such. I can understand that maybe she needed to be that age for everything she needed to do (where she went, when she went, etc), but her dialogue, etcmade me think of her as a freshman/sophomore maybe but not someone starting their junioryear.

I figured a few of the mysteries out a good bit before they were revealed and 'may' havefigured out one that's not revealed until one of the latter books...But that wasn't a faultof the book so much as me being older than the target (but not markert) audience.


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