Thursday, December 4, 2008

Contest Link

Presenting Lenore has a snazzy contest up as part of all her book giveaways this month (or of November but into this month, I guess), from her post:

Penguin is donating a whole box of YA books (at least 6) to one lucky
reader in the US or Canada. All books in the prize pack are from 2008.All
you have to do to win is leave a comment by December 5th saying which
Penguin title you most want to read (and choose carefully, because that
title might just end up in your prize pack if you're chosen

Sounds pretty fun, no? And give that Audrey, Wait!, Impossible, My Most Excellent Year, Death by Bikini, Oh My Gods!, Violet by Design, Paper Towns, & my new favoritest (review coming this week or next*) Fancy White Trash are all under the umbrella of Penguin, how could you not want a book (or six) from Penguin?

And if you're some kind of crazy person and don't...well I'll always take some presents :D

*along with one for Zombie Blondes

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