Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Imagined Co-Authorings

This week's Ten:
Top Ten Author Duos You'd LOVE To See Write A Book Together 

Lisa Gardner & Jeffery Deaver

Gardner's DD Warren character (and series) and Deaver's Kathryn Dance character (and series) are two of my favorites. While I would love if they created a whole new character together, I think I might most like to see these two in a book (or more) together.

Alyxandra Harvey & Kady Cross

These authors come up with great characters and fantastic fantasy/paranormal worlds. I would love reading how Harvey's great characters (I adore her her girl-friendships) and the steampunk worlds (and also, characters and relationships I love) that Cross creates would work together.

Gayle Forman & Stephanie Perkins

They are two of my favorite, favorite contemporary YA romance authors and I absolutely love the characters and romances they create. They are also not afraid of some conflict and both keep things very real - but still swoon worthy. If they wrote something together (especially with an international setting) I'd be right there, ready to read it.

JT Ellison & MJ Arlidge

This one feels a little like cheating since I've read so many more of JT Ellison's books than MJ Arlidge's (the discrepancy in how many each has published in the US helps), but I think it would work. Some of the plot lines in Ellison's Taylor Jackson titles and what her Samantha Owens has been through/deals with seem like a great fit with Arlidge's Helen Grace and those novels' content. The initial first names is just a bonus! (My reviews of Eeny Meeny and Pop Goes the Weasel should be up soon.)

Jennifer Lynn Barnes & Kiersten White

I really want to know how the authors of the Raised by Wolves series and the Paranormalcy series would write together! They have creative, original books and I love, love, love their characters, their relationships and their smart, funny writing.

AJ Pine & Jennifer Comeaux

AJ Pine's One Night books and Jennifer Comeaux's Crossing the Ice were two great new adult reads . They both have a limited amount of sexual content, but it really works for the stories. The two authors books also involved sports and characters who had something holding them back from relationships, I would definitely be interested in what they'd create.

Cat Patrick & Jennifer Lynn Barnes

If this actually happened, someone would quite possible have to sedate me or something. This could be a really fantastic almost-contemporary with a bit of science (real or fictitious - or some combination) included. Patrick's books (like Forgotten and Revived) are some of my favorite, favorites - add in Barnes' and it would all be more than perfect! Ooh, I really do like this idea! 

Marie Lu & Ryan Graudin

Between the Legend books, The Young Elites, All that Glows, All that Burns, The Walled City and Wolf by Wolf these authors have shown that they can do magic/fantasy or more contemporary (if dystopian) and I would be so excited to see what kind of world and characters they would create.

Mindy McGinnis & Mikaela Everett

Okay, this one may just be because of how much I love A Madness So Discreet and The Unquiet. But, also, McGinnis wrote Not a Drop to Drink so she can do dystopian. I think their writing styles are complimentary and they can both give you characters who are flawed and in horrible situations but who you still, very much, relate to. I would really love to see what sort of setting (past, present, real, imagined) they created.

Francesca Zappia & Anna-Marie McLemore

I loved the writing in both Made You Up and The Weight of Feathers. Though the first was more contemporary and the latter a bit fantasy, they had strong, unique characters and (though in quite different ways) that question of what was real. I think they could write a really beautiful book together, even if I don't know what genre!

Please leave a comment and let me know what authors you would love to see co-write something - and/or what you think of my picks!

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