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Haatchi & LIttle B ~ Wendy Holden (earc) review [@wendholden @HaatchiHD @StMartinsPress]

Haatchi & Little B: The Inspiring True Story of One Boy and His Dog
Thomas Dunne Books
July 1, 2014
224 pages
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#1 International Bestseller

When Owen met Haatchi, the lives of one adorable little boy and one great, big dog were destined to change forever.

Owen—known to his family as “little buddy” or “Little B”—has a rare genetic disorder that leaves him largely confined to a wheelchair. Before being united with Haatchi, Little B was anxious and found it difficult to make friends.

Haatchi—an adorable Anatolian Shepherd puppy—was abused and left for dead on railroad tracks. He was struck by an oncoming train, and although his life was saved, his leg and tail were partially severed. Haatchi was left massively disabled and totally dispirited.

But kind-hearted Will and Colleen Howkins, Little B’s father and step-mother, decided to introduce the big dog and the little boy to each other, and an unbelievable bond was formed that transformed both boy and dog in miraculous ways.

Wendy Holden's Haatchi & Little B is the true story of an astonishing little boy, a very special dog, and the inspiring, inseparable pair that they make together.

Many people have a special bond with their dogs, but Haatchi & Little B is the - true - story of something more. Haatchi, an Anatolian Shepherd, was just a puppy when he was abused and left on the train tracks for to die. Amazingly, though hit by a train, her survived. Yet, it was unclear what he future would hold for the now disabled dog.

Little B  was a young boy with a rare genetic disorder affecting him in numerous ways. Anxious around strangers - and how they may view him - he was drawing in on himself more and more.

Then they met each other and it made all of the difference.

Wendy Holden has done a brilliant job with not only Little B and Haatchi's story, but with the Howkins' story, as well. While Haatchi's life prior to the train yard can only be guessed at, we learn of the journey he went on from the time he was found on the tracks to living with the Howkins'.That it isn't some vague 'he was found, had surgery, then later lived with the family,' gives you a greater understanding of just how remarkable Haatchi is. It also gives you an idea of just how many things - and people - had to come together in order for Haatchi to find his family.

We also learn of Owen's life before Haatchi - from his mother and father's relationship, how his diagnosis was reached and all that it then entailed. Seeing not only where the two have been, but understanding the possibilities for their future, makes it even more clear just how amazing their impact on each others lives have been.

I really enjoyed how Holden told their story. While Owen ant Haatchi are, of course, the focus, it is within the whole picture of their families' lives.

This remarkable story will show you just how remarkable people can be when the situation presents itself - and how that good has a resounding impact.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Many thanks for this lovely review of my book Haatchi & Little B. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with this remarkable pair and so amazing that it has been a number one bestseller in the UK. Your readers may already know of them anyway because of the YouTube video that went viral with 2.3 million views. In case they missed it, here is the link -


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