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Timepiece ~ Myra McEntire (eARC) review

Timepiece (Hourglass #2)
June 12, 2012
336 pages
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You should absolutely read Hourglass first - not just because the plot's important, also because of how stupendous a book it is! - my review (with Goodreads/Amazon/Book Depo links)

Sometimes it can be hard to contain just how much I love a book - and wait until the pre-determined review post date/my review goes live, such is the case with Timepiece by Myra McEntire.

This sequel to 2011's Hourglass has Kaleb, Emerson, Michael and the others from both the Hourglass and Ivy Springs in even more danger. Jack Landers, the man who tried to killed Kaleb's father appears, attacks, and then timeslips back away just as quickly.

Forced to find him - or face results they'd rather not even think of, results that will mess wit the very fabric of time - they'll have to use their powers, those they already know of and those they're just discovering. But where do they even start looking for the man - and his research on the time gene?

And why is it that Kaleb can now see time travellers? He never could before. Is he gaining a new ability or are things - for the better or the worse - changing more than they ever could have though as time, the past, present and maybe even future seem to come together around them.

Can they find Jack, keep themselves safe and find out what's really happening with all the different players- both good and bad (and who's which)?

Hourglass was pretty much amazeballs. You should probably go into my review of Timepiece knowing I thought that. The only thing that really could have made it better was more Kaleb. (And if you disagree, how have you and I coexisted on the same planet for so long?)

Timepiece delivers more Kaleb in spades. Told from Kaleb's point-of-view, this follow-up gives us more sexy Kaleb but we also get to see the empathetic, caring, sweet Kaleb we caught a glimpse of in Hourglass caring about Em. (Plus, he starts the book dressed up as a pirate . . . a drunk one. I really do love him. And Myra McEntire.) I pretty much dare you (here I go again with the daring, I know), to read the first chapter. If you don't love the book - and the characters after that, I might think you're crazy but . . . yeah I might think you're crazy.

I did miss some of my kick-butt Em in this book but I loved seeing things (and her) through Kaleb's eyes. It brought out the different side of some of the other secondary characters (Kaleb's dad) and their relationships that we really would not have gotten to see if this book had stayed with Emerson as the narrator. So, aside from my massive crush on Kaleb, plot-wise I loved that the book switched narrators - I think readers gain a lot of knowledge and insight into important people and events it would't have made sense for them to see via Em.

It's also absolutely fantastic that Lily is in this novel again. She was one of my favorites in Hourglass and I'm super happy she's back in Timepiece. I love her story - it's one of my favorites for a secondary character that I can think of, period - and I love how she interacts with the different characters (Emerson, Kaleb, etc).

The science fiction, time travel elements of Timepiece are just as strong in Myra McEntire's sophomore novel as they were in her debut (except for maybe missing a Doctor Who reference or two) and I love that it makes sense. Obviously it isn't something I can carry out/physicists might take issue with it but it's not this illogical, plot-wholey thing. This is a timeslip book and the timeslips/travel are a strong part of the story/plot and work incredibly well. They make me wish (almost) that I could (sometimes) seem rips!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm more than a little bit in love with Timepiece, still love Kaleb (more so now), love Em (especially after one scene involving a DVD), love Lily, like Michael more (what? I'm weird), and absolutely, positively canNOT wait for Infinityglass (Hourglass #3).

Rating: 10/10

Largest of large thank yous to EgmontUSA and NetGalley for my e-galley of this title

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