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Size 14 is Not Fat Either ~ Meg Cabot review

Size 14 is Not Fat Either (Heather Wells #2)
Avon Books
November 28, 2005
344 pages
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*Review of Size 12 is Not Fat (Heather Wells #1)*

Assistant dorm - er, resident hall, sorry - director Heather Wells has the usual roommate reassignments to make on the first day of winter semester at New York College, but those are really the least of her worries.

A cheerleaders head has been found . . . without the rest of her.

The Heather Wells books are such fun because they're a great blend of some celebrity fun (Heather being a former pop star), some light mystery, and humor. Reading Size 12 is Not Fat the first Heather Wells book will give you more of the background on Heather, the different men in (or not in) her life currently, her parents and how she came to be working as an assistant dorm director after being a famous popstar.

It's not, however, all that necessary, that you read Size 12 to read - and enjoy (and follow) - Size 14. Enough recapping is done as to who different characters are, why they're in Heather's life and basic info, that you get the basic info.

Sure, you'll probably enjoy the series more if you read it all together, but it seems to be written so that each can be read individually.

The main - and not so main - characters from the first book are back again. Some of them you'll be thrilled to see again (or even see a little more of) and some, you might, at first, wonder why they are back. It all works out, though.

While the mystery aspect was not as strong in Size 14 as it was in Size 12, it's still there and still a great part of the story. It didn't keep me guessing - less because I had it figured out and more because it wasn't a think-you've-figured-it-out-but-ha-red-herring type mystery and more of one that just unfolded more and more.

There were little parts of the novel that did surprise me - that I think were more part of a mystery and I loved their inclusion.

The characters and their interactions were the stronger part of Size 14. Smaller things introduced in the first book were expanded on - not just the relationship between Cooper and Heather but other relationships Heather has or had. It was great that the relationships in this series aren't stagnant while whatever mystery is going on and that, in fact relationships that seem to be sort of a throwaway mention weren't so throwaway after all.

!The conversations we hear about Pete's five kids makes me wish we'd hear just the tiniest bit more about them, but I don't know where they'd ever fit in!)

The ending holds some promise for where Book 3, Big Boned will go - and you know someone(s) else is going to die . . . it just seems to happen around Heather.

A great, funny, goofy - and light - mystery series from Meg Cabot.

Rating: 8/10

(I have reviews of Big Boned (#3) and Size 12 and Ready to Rock (#4) arc coming up super soon!)

**This is one of Meg Cabot's 'adult' series so it may have slightly more adult content than her YA series . . . I don't see it being inappropriate, at all though - if I missed something, let me know**

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