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Size 12 Is Not Fat ~ Meg Cabot review

Miami Book Fair International review
Size 12 Is Not Fat: A Heather Wells Mystery
Avon A
December 27, 2005
368 Pages

Heather Wells is an ex-popstar. Maybe not of the same calibar or notariety as Britney Spears or even Christina Aguilera but teen and tween girls still had her poster on their walls and she was the live in girlfriend of a boybander.

Now, though, at twenty eight, Heather's lost the record deal, she's lost the boyfriend, her mother's run off with her fortune, she's gained some weight (hence the book title), and she's working in a New York City dorm---correction, residence hall.

Life's pretty ordinary: going to work, dreaming up scenarios where her landlord/neighbor and ex-boyfriend's brother suddenly falls in love with her, etc until girls start dying in the dorm. Everyone else believes the deaths are accidents, but Heather thinks there's more to them. And with a PI as a landlord/boss/secret-crush/future-husband-only-he-doesn't know-it, she knows they can investigate.

Can Heather convince Cooper (boss man) the case is worth investigating? And, perhaps more importantly, can she keep herself alive while doing so?

It might not surprise others s much as me, but Meg Cabot can apparently write mysteries as well as her other books and as well as dedicated mystery writers do. In terms of the 'mystery' (the development, the clues, the suspense, the red herrings, the eventual conclusion/solving of the mystery), it was great and very well done--better than some other mysteries I've read.

It did take me a little while to get into the book, compared with some of the other Meg Cabot books I've read it didn't just grab me from the very first page but once I really got into it I, well, was really into it. The characters introduced in this book were great and can easily last for a three book series.

The mixture of the music/entertainment business (and those characters) and the residence hall and its characters made for a lot of fun interaction---and a great and very unique character in Heather.

I still need to read my other Queen of Babble books, but now I have the Heather Wells books to add on to my TBR list!

(and this book is not YA but I think it could easily work for anyone over maybe 12 or 13 because in terms of 'adult content' it's really rather tame-I can be more specific if anyone's curious on that front.)


*Book One (of Three) in the Heather Wells Mystery Series

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  1. i finally sent out the books you won in my contest!
    i know, it took forver.
    but they're on their way to you!

    Meg Cabot has always seemed really awesome, but I've never read any of her books.
    hm..i think i will. thanks to you! :D



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