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Cinema Saturday [Mirror Mirror]

Mirror Mirror
Relativity Media
June 26, 2012
106 minutes; PG - for some fantasy & mild rude humor
(starring: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins & Arnie Hammer)
info on IMDb/buy on Amazon

I've loved fairy tale movies just about forever. I used to watch ancient videodisc copies we had (at first it was because I found the player/concept entertaining - no idea why exactly we had it) of Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre [Absurdly priced on Amazon and on HuluPlus]. (I watched the Rapunzel one so much that it's still all I think about when anyone mentions radishes.)

Point is, I love - well done - fairy tale movies/tellings. And now I have Mirror Mirror to add to my list.

Starring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Nathan Lane Mirror Mirror was released on DVD and BluRay just this past Tuesday.

In the film, the evil queen (Roberts) has seized control of the kingdom - through magic and taxes - and kept the princess (Collins) holed up in the castle. It will take the (possibly reluctant) help of seven thieves if the princess plans to save not only herself from the queen, but the rest of the kingdom as well.

Mirror Mirror is kind of fantastic. Rated PG, it keeps itself appropriate for younger viewers but has more than enough to please an older, adult audience, as well. It's cute and silly for sure - but not corny or cheesy. The humor works and the movie is sweet.

The fairy tale has a definite update - but one that is absolutely to its benefit (and to the benefit of its viewers). Snow White isn't a helpless girl in this tale, no damsel in distress waiting for her prince here. She's a girl with some fight in her.

Yet, even with the changes to Snow White (whom Lily Collins plays well), Mirror Mirror still plays out like a true fairy tale. One that can get watched over and over again.

With Julia Roberts and a rather perfect evil queen - she truly seems to have mastered just to smile and say the worst thing at the same time. To be a gorgeous queen, but hideous, too.

The costumes and production/set design - the interior, the outside/forest and the shots of the palace, computer/otherwise generated things - are brilliant. The effects in this movie are what make this, a live action Snow White, a live action fairy tale at all, really, work. There's so much in fairy tales that could fair when taken out of animation but they translate it brilliantly - through CGI and Green Screen, sure but it looks amazing.

Then the costumes. Honestly, the costumes . . . they're them. The palace keeps that exaggerated bigger than life feel that fits with not only the queen, but most fairy tales. (Some of them had the bright, exaggerated, craziness of an almost Effie Trinket meets something brighter . . .)

As to the DVD/BluRay: The menu is easy to access - 'Menu' Brings up Play, Setup, Scenes, & Extras in a bar at the bottom of the screen while keeping whatever scene you're watching on screen.

The extra scenes and other bonus features are enjoyable and give you a bit of a look behind the film! But don't watch until after you watch the movie unless you love spoilers.

If you've even thought about it, absolutely see Mirror Mirror - probably if you haven't even thought about it but like any fairy tales.

giant thank you to Fox and ThinkJam

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