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SBBS: Day 25 ~ Kimberly Sabatini

Spring Break Blog Spectacular ~ Kimberly Sabatini interview

Please welcome our last SBBS guest, Kimberly Sabatini! Kimberly's debut novel, Touching the Surface comes out in October and I, for one (and not the only one), definitely cannot wait to read it. If you're a Goodreads member, for sure check out some of Kimberly's book reviews - not only are her reviews amazing, you'll finds some great books to add to your TBR list and it'll make you even more anxious to read Touching the Surface.

So happy Kimberly Sabatini is here today to help me close out the first Spring Break Blog Spectacular!!


Ideal spring break destination: ski chalet or tropical beach villa?
 Tropical beach villa!!!! Although I love skiing too--but since I've just had so much winter, I'd go to the beach.

In high school/college which was more likely spotting you on MTV’s Spring Break or just you and your friends enjoying the week off?
author photo from
Actually, all of my spring breaks were spent serving up Grand Slams at the local Denny's. I needed the money to help pay for college. But that left me time to hang out with my friends too.

What was your favorite Spring Break ever (where and/or why)? Or if you didn't go on spring break trips, where did you always want to go?
I always wanted to go someplace warm and fun with my friends, but I wouldn't have been into that whole crazy MTV type scene. 

Fly and have the fun be at the destination or road trip and have the journey be at least half the fun? 
I'd definitely fly. Road tripping always sounds like so much fun until you're doing it...Are we there yet????

Do/would any of your characters take Spring Break trips? 
Hmmm can't say they wouldn't, but I've never really pictured them there. The one who is most likely to go would be Oliver--he's just so much fun.

Where would their ideal Spring Break destination be? (Together or on their own.) 
If Elliot, Julia, Trevor and Oliver were to go on spring break together, they'd absolutely road trip, making lots of crazy pit stops along the way and back. I'm also completely sure they'd tip their waitress at Denny's VERY WELL. *wink*

Which of your characters (in Touching the Surface anything upcoming) would you most have liked to have met on a Spring Break trip? 
Oliver. No, Trevor. Make that Oliver. Definitely Trevor...Grrrrrr...I can't decide!!!!

Best book to read on Spring Break or a road trip?
 Something light and fun that would make me laugh. I love it when a book cracks me up and people see me smiling while I'm reading.

Thanks so much for having me over to your blog. This was so much fun!!!!
Thank you so much!! :-)


About Touching the Surface:

Life altering mistakes are meant to alter lives…

When Elliot dies for the third time, she knows this is her last shot. There are no fourth-timers in this afterlife, so one more chance is all she has to get things right. But before she can move on to her next life, Elliot will be forced to face her past and delve into the painful memories she’d rather keep buried. Memories of people she’s hurt, people she’s betrayed… and people she’s killed.

As she pieces together the mistakes of her past, Elliot must earn the forgiveness of her best friend and reveal the truth about herself to the two boys she loves…even if it means losing them both forever.

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Do you love books about the afterlife/reincarnation?

Between by Jessica Warman, Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall, and Jodi Meadow's Incarnate were about that - and while I LOVED the first two (haven't read Incarnate yet), this one sounds so very different (and it's why I am just itching to read it)!!

Thank you all for taking part in Spring Break Blog Spectacular - closing post coming soon :-)


  1. I tend to stick to light reading during a break as well. Something to really make the time fly!

  2. I would so much rather fly too. I get bored on long trips.


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