Thursday, April 19, 2012

Divergent/Insurgent Factions: Abnegaton

I hate to admit it, but all of the Divergent posts have made me more and more #TeamI'mNotSure.

Which is not to say I have no opinion on any of the factions, I do. But I also see the good and the bad in all of them . . . enough so that I can't pick one over the others! So, I've decided to do posts on each of the factions in the next (almost) two weeks leading up to Insurgent's release to see if it helps me decide :-)

First up, Abnegation:

Why #TeamAbnegation?

Those in Abnegation are reserved, unassuming people who don't draw attention to themselves. They wear gray clothing, don't wear jewellery or other accessories - except for a watch.

"Everything - our houses, our clothes, our hairstyles - is meant to help us forget ourselves and to protect us from vanity, greed, and envy, which are just forms of selfishness. If we have little, and want for little, and we all are equal, we envy no one." -pg 29

Abnegation is the selfless faction.

Abnegation is seen as peaceful and leads the government. It's also the faction Tris is a member of when Divergent starts.

Abnegation on Divergent Wiki, AbnegationsFactionNews on Tumblr

Why am I not 100% #TeamAbnegation?

I didn't like that Divergent Abnegation characters couldn't talk about themselves. If something is bothering you, you should feel comfortable talking to those you care about. You should feel comfortable asking for help. It also kept them from forming true, close friendships and I don't think I could survive that!

And while my usual lack of (almost any'all) jewellery or make-up would fit, I do love having the option and I like wearing sparkly stuff sometimes ;-) I don't think wanting to look at a pretty room/house or liking designing things means you can't care about other people - after all, I do it for them a lot, too.

Abnegation has a fantastic ideal . . . it just needs to be tempered a bit. (Or, at least, that's why I'm not all out #TeamAbnegation, yet.)

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