Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things of This Week:

Can I do a list of 13 things after just doing a list of 11 questions? (The questions are fun and book/movie-y, do them?)

As my brain is a bit stuck on my upcoming (starts March 19th) Spring Break Blog Spectacular, this week's Thursday Thirteen will be Spring Break oriented

  1. There is currently a $304 planet ticket from LaGuardia (New York) to Daytona Beach
  2. Hawaii is farther south than Florida (A trivia on Florida site told me this ;-))
  3. Spring Break, a movie starring James Franco and Selena Gomez, is filming around Tampa
  4. If you go to Key West, you should get this
  5. If you're in Miami (okay, Coral Gables) tomorrow, go to this. Okay, it's not Spring Break-y but it is Pandemonium, Balthazar and Partials-y and I LOVE Pandemonium and Partials but I can't get there :(
  6. The ten most dangerous places for shark attacks (some giant sharks and some that are more like cat scratches).
  7. Apparently they weren't quite right on Friends: What to do for jellyfish stings (hint: it's usually vinegar)
  8. Wear sunscreen. 
  9. If you bring your dog to Florida, watch out for Bufo toads - they can poison dogs
  10. Why is it easier to find out scary things on the Internet? Like Clearwater has the most lightning strikes of any city? (and above info?)
  11. Everyone appears to have different Spring Breaks which works out fantastically for everyone stopping by my Spring Break Blog Spectacular and reading some interviews, enjoying some guest blogs, and maybe entering to win some bookish stuff!
  12. Reading Wanderlove (Kirsten Hubbard's part of my Spring Break event) will make you want to pack a bag for Central America - but also make you feel like you have so if you can't get away this Spring, pick up that book!
  13. Where's anyone going for Spring Break?

(Also, I have a giveaway of The Descendants DVD here)

((meme info on 'Schedule' page))


  1. Also keep dogs away from the ant hills- there are fire ants in Florida.

    Have a great Thursday!

    1. That is also a good idea! (Although my dog loves chasing bees, etc so I might have trouble with it ;))

  2. I'm old. I don't do spring break! LOL. Heck, I haven't had a vacation in three years.

    1. I'm sorry you haven't had a vacation :( You can come for my Spring Break event and read about some other peoples' Spring Breaks (I don't really take SB trips, either).

  3. 10. I've wondered that. Just like I wonder why female poets poems of being upset seem to get picked up in quotes over poems of community unity when both are in the same book.


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