Friday, March 2, 2012

Upcoming Blog Event!!

It's March . . . know what that means? Well, it means I finally have to take down the snowman and penguin window clings :( But it also means it's almost Spring Break time!

Who doesn't love Spring Break? It means time off from school. Maybe a vacation to somewhere warm and sunny, if you're lucky. (Or snowy and chilly if that's what you prefer.)

If you're not going away and/or if you have to work and don't get Spring Break, don't despair! Book Sp(l)ot Reviews has you covered . . .

(first ever, but hopefully first annual, too)

If you can't go somewhere for Spring Break (even if you can), at least you can read what some authors' guest blogs on the topic, read some mini-interviews and enter giveaways (some international!).

Begins March 19th and ends . .. well, that's still being determined for sure-sure but April (there will be an updated, please-post-it-on-your-blog button when the dates are set).

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