Friday, July 22, 2011

Video Veneris

My Video Veneris is going to be a bit different this week in that it won't be a book trailer . . .

You may have noticed that I've posted one of the trailers to Alyxandra Harvey's amazing book Haunting Violet on my sidebar - you didn't? Well, you should go look now!

I've also posted a link to one of the others (there are three) on my review (it is here).

This week, though, the great folks at Bloomsbury, Flora Willis to be precise, was kind enough to let me know about some other videos involving Haunting Violet and it's uber talented author.

It's with that knowledge that I present to you this week's Video Veneris, Alyxandra Harvey talking about the paranormal (and some Haunting Violet):


  1. I'm reading Beauty Queens right now! It's awesome :)

  2. @Lyssa:
    I'm listening to the audio of Beauty Queens and I LOVE it :)


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