Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love Story ~ Jennifer Echols (eARC) review

Love Story
MTV Books
July 19, 2011
256 pages

Love Story by Jennifer Echols will remind old fans why exactly it is they love her writing so much - as well as create plenty of new fans. Majoring in English in New York City and taking the creative writing class is a way for Erin Blackwell to get one step closer to her dream of being a published writer. And a way for her to get away from the troubled family past on her family's horse farm brings to mind.

But by not majoring in business like her grandmother wanted, she's given up - or, rather, had taken away - her right to inherit said horse farm. Along with all of the money and things she's used to.

Hunter Allen, a boy who's worked with his father on the farm for more than half a decade now gets all of those things.

Erin, who now has to rely on scholarships and long hours at the coffeehouse to make it to her goal - the publishing internship her class offers one student - should hate Hunter.

So why can't she get Hunter, the boy she graduated with, the one who suddenly shows up in her class, in New York, out of her head?

Jennifer Echols is one of those authors where I can't pick a favorite book of hers.

Love Story
has Erin writing romance stories - the first one with Erin including a very Hunter-esque character when she doesn't know he'll be around to read it and then some blackmail to stop him revealing to the instructor that the character is him. Blackmail that involves him writing sexy stories and her trying to goad him in to things.

Most of these stories are included in Love Story so you get more than one story for the price of one - and with Amazon, it's hardly even that.

The back and forth between the two characters is great. None of it seems forced or trivial. It also seems incredibly real. Readers obviously want them to ultimately end up together, but at times they really are mean to each other and you hurt for them. But people do that, it's not all rainbows and unicorns in real life, nor is it in this novel.

The secondary characters are also well developed, very original and get great story lines of their own. They add to the main characters' story, but also entertain you with their own doings.

Once again Jennifer Echols has written a story that will make you feel and leave you wanting more - but still satisfy you completely with the ending.


Ginormica thank you to Simon & Schuster (and MTV Books) and GalleyGrab for the eGalley of this title

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