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The Girl Who Became a Beatle ~ Greg Taylor ARC review

The Who Became a Beatle
Feiwel & Friends
February 15, 2011
288 pages
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At some point, we've all probably made an off hand wish or two (or fifty) that, if it actually came true, would drastically change our lives.

For Regina Bloomsbury, that wish is : “I wish I could be as famous as the Beatles.”

Lead singer of The Caverns and absolutely all about music, Regina's world is falling apart when she makes her wish--or really, her remark; two of the band's other three members are threatening to leave the Caverns for a rival band. Not knowing what to do to save her band, Beatles lover Regina, goes to sleep in her Beatles memorabilia filled bedroom depressed and disheartened . . .

. . . Only to wake up the next morning to a completely different world.

A world where Regina is not only as popular as the Beatles, her band has replaced the Beatles in history.

Can Regina deal with this new world where everyone but her seems at home and no one else knows that she doesn't belong? Or is Regina going to need to find a way back to her world--the one where the Caverns are falling apart and the Beatles reign supreme?

Who would have thought that becoming the world's mot famous rock band might not be everything she ever wanted . . .

I really, really love the concept of this book. You don't have to love the Beatles, have your own band, or be obsessed with music like Regina to understand her 'wish' or to understand how she could like her new glamorous lifestyle--and find it challenging.

You also don't have to like the Beatles to enjoy this book. There's quite a bit of reference to the Beatles, their songs, and even some of their performances, but none of it's obscure enough or lacking in explanation enough that you need to already know those things to get them. It's likely that if you do already know a ton about the Beatles or you're a fan that you'll enjoy the book more, but not won't take anything away from the book for readers.

In the first few chapters, Regina read like an adults idea of a teenager, but that quickly changed and I started to enjoy her and her music and Beatles love . . . and her struggles.

The plot was a lot more complex than I had expected and very well imagined. I don't know that I would have read this book if I'd just seen it at the library or bookstore so I'm really glad I won a copy of the galley from the publisher because I very, very much enjoyed it.


won an advanced copy from the publisher

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