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Entice ~ Carrie Jones review + giveaway

Entice (Need Pixies #3)
Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
December 14, 2010
272 pages
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**(Spoilers for Need and Captivate, books 1 & 2, found below)**

It's common knowledge Nick and Zara are meant to be together--too bad pixies aren't common--and neither is Bedford, Maine or it's recent goings on.

And to make matters even more complicated, Nick is dead--or mostly dead--and has been taken to Valhalla, an ancient mythical place for warriors and Zara has turned pixie thanks to Astley's pixie kiss, something she asked for in hopes she'll be able to rescue Nick from Valhalla, somewhere humans can't venture.

There's also the evil group of pixies that's been attacking the town. Not the same group that Zara and co. locked in a house in Need but an evil, evil group doing things like attacking school buses.

Bedford and its residents, the teens especially, are soon in near constant danger. The pixies are drawing more than a little attention to themselves.

Zara has to divide her time and attentions between saving the town from the evil pixies and figuring out how--or even if--she can save Nick from Valhalla.

Nick was absent from a lot of this book, but the strength of the other characters made his absence not a gaping one, just a sad one. I absolutely love Carrie Jones for taking Cassidy and moving her from a character that really kind of peripherally annoyed me before and turned her into character I find pretty adorable.

I also really want Issie to have her own book now--one that somehow involves Buffy and awesomeness.

The imagination Carrie Jones showed in Entice was reminiscent of the brilliant ending to Need. I'm going to be finding the copy of Tips of Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend I own but never read and start it soon--but I'm also really, really going to be hoping for more fantasy books from Jones because the worlds and situations she can come up with are brilliant.

Oh, how I hope there's going to be more of this series--and soon because I'm not quite ready to leave Zara, Issie or anyone else behind just yet, not to mention the ending was pretty open and left me wanting so much more all on its own.


Here are some amazing links to check out, too: Need Pixies Facebook which has tons of fun stuff like excerpts, videos, links, giveaways and more; Bloomsbury Youtube; and, of course, the Bloomsbury Teens Facebook.


Thanks to Bloomsbury who gave me the ARC of this to review, I also have one copy of Entice to give away. It will be like a late Christmas (or general holiday time/back to school) present to yourself since I will be picking the winner in January (once contacted, the winner has 48 hours to reply or I pick a new one).

Details: Ends January 3, noon eastern
Open to those with a US mailing address that is not a PO Box
1 entry for your name/tallying points; bonus entries for the other stuff;
enter only one time per person
Prize will be shipped by the publisher.
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  1. I haven't read my copy of Need yet. And the other Carrie Jones books look so good.


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