Thursday, December 23, 2010

Captivate ~ Carrie Jones review

Captivate (Need Pixies #2)
Bloomsbury USA
January 5, 2010
288 pages
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*Review + Giveaway of Entice is coming momentarily*
(Contains spoilers for the first book in the Need Pixies series, Need--my review)

The evil pixies--including Zara's biological father--might be locked up and barricaded in the house in the middle of the woods, but Zara and her friends know this isn't likely to be the end of their pixie troubles.

Of course, they're right, too. Soon a new pixie is in town--Astley. A new king who wants Zara as his own, Astley claims to be one of the good guys, but his arrival brings even more trouble to Zara, Nick and their friends. And to Zara and Nick's relationship.

Once again Zara and Nick are fighting to keep both themselves and their relationship alive.

Like Need, Captivate is a quick read that grabs you from the beginning and pulls you in until the amazing end. This series has, possibly, my favorite cast of characters of any YA series out there; Devyn, Nick, Issie (who has my undying love for her Buffy referencing), and Betty really add to the story and are lovable, quirky, well developed characters that I can't live without.

Things really expand in Captivate --more characters are added, the setting isn't as limited to the school and Zara's house as I remember Need being. It was fun to get more of the pixie world (and it seems there's going to be even more in Entice) while not forgetting about the original characters and their lives.

Captivate does leave you hanging like crazy with its ending, though. Be thankful that Entice is already out and consider buying it whenever you buy Captivate!!


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