Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pretty Little Liars ~ Sara Shepard book & TV review

Pretty Little Liars (#1)
Harper Teen
304 pages
June 8, 2010 (revised-TV cover edition)

Four years ago--seventh grade--they were five best friends: Emily, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, & Ali. But then Ali disappeared. Over time the girls drifted apart, each of course devastated about Ali's disappearance, but also a little bit relieved. Each of the girls, after all, had a secret--a secret that only Ali knew.

Now, it's junior year and Aria's just back after two years with her family in Iceland, formerly chubby Hanna is now the It Girl, Spence still has trouble keeping her hands off her sister's boyfriends, and Emily meets the new girl living in Ali's old house.

Because this is a super scandalous series, though, there's an affair with a new teacher (though it does actually start out somewhat innocently), shoplifting, drinking, and more. The girls are sure they'll be able to keep their images intact despite their missteps, but then they start receiving text messages from the mysterious 'A' who knows not only what they're up to now, but also their secrets from seventh grade. Secrets only Alison knows.

This book is a great start to this series (eight books so far, not sure if that's all). It introduces all of the characters very well and sets up a lot of the back story (with some flashbacks). Pretty Little Liars also leaves enough open ended to leave the reader wanting to read the second book--and probably the third, etc.

It's a pretty quick read as well; perfect for summer in so many ways.

The Pretty Little Liars TV show premiered last week on ABC Family and there's an encore of the pilot tonight at 7 EST before the second episode is on at 8 EST (and 9 & 10 EST). The first episode covered the first book. The general book storyline was followed from start to finish with the episode with a few events left out. The show seemed a little more PG (but with a TV-14 rating for language) than the books so I think some events were left out because of that.

The main thing that I noticed left out was the party and what happened there (and after as a result). I don't know how each subsequent episode is going to line up to the books, but it's looking like the second episode will cover at least part of the second book. (I'm hoping to finish the second book today--if I do, I'll try to do a review like this for the second book/episode).

(The first book is the yellow one-or the one with the cover like the pic I have to match the TV show images and the second is Flawless and it's orange.)

And since I actually got this book a long, long time ago from HarperTeen along with a First Look book, thank you to them for the book!



  1. I loved this book. I really need to read the others.

  2. I've read a few (I got *way* off on my 'read a book, watch an episode and post a review' schedule, sadly) and they're pretty good! I'm goign to try to review them, too. And from the little I've managed to see, you should watch the show as well.


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