Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Undead Much ~ Stacey Jay review

Undead Much (Megan Berry #2)
January 21, 2010
304 Pages
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Zombie Settler Megan Berry is back with more crazy, not normal (even for those used to dealing with zombies) adventures. [Hover over to see what happened in You Are So Undead to Me]

Megan's so busy with her training (and his) that she and Ethan barely have any time together, but during a rare moment together in his car, they're enjoying some quality alone time when an Undead interrupts. Cliff, who already knows just who Megan is, just felt like going for a walk so it's Megan's duty to take him back to his grave and Settle him (interrupting her date, of course). And so begins a weird chain of events that not only brings out more not-of-the-norm Undead, but also finds Megan accused of some pretty heinous crimes and struggling to clean her name.

Undead Much was really a great sequel to You Are So Undead to Me. The characters were consistent from the last book but also more developed and grew from where they were in the first story and the zombie mythology was also consistent (but built on).

I really liked that the back story from the first book wasn't just laid out in the first few pages as a point by point reminder, but built into the first few chapters so that if you'd read the first book (but forgotten some things) you were reminded with it still being a part of the story that you could enjoy if you didn't read the first book (which you should!). This book definitely measures up to the first and left me really, really wanting to read a third (and probably fourth, etc). (And not only because of the cliffhanger ending.)

The end ending was really unexpected and great but the ending, while being really good, wasn't amazing so that's why the 8.

It was definitely appreciated that this book worked so well with the last book an didn't just change everything completely, but also came up with new things so that it was as great as it was. This was probably the best way to do a sequel/series.


(and on a note book content related note, I like to shoes the model has on on the cover...and both of the Undead book covers)

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