Monday, April 19, 2010

In My Mailbox Monday

I won the Grand Prize for that awesome, amazing contest Lindsey Leavtt was having!! And I got my part from her in the mail this week...

I received a box with: (and I'm copying this off the contest post linked above)

--$25 Chevron gift card to use in case your floating bubble is in the shop (and if you can’t drive, you can buy lots and lots of candy. I mean, HEALTY SNACKS)
--signed copy of PRINCESS FOR HIRE
--10 signed bookmarks to share with your friends
--a tiara (um, not real. But tis shiny!)
--Princess bubbles
--Princess mirror cling
--Princess wand
--candy necklace

I wasn't feeling super princessy this week (I've been kind of sick--which is why the no reviews, sorry, it was either reviews from me while sick and migraine-having that made no sense or none now/wait till they made some sense) but I am all ready now to command people or something when I do feel Princess-y!

& I bought Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles from Amazon

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