Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Missing Ink ~ Karen E Olson review

The Missing Ink (Tattoo Shop Mysteries #1)
July 7, 2009
320 Pages

Karen E Olson starts a new series with The Missing Ink. It's tale of Las Vegas tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh who gets herself tangled up in a murder mystery. After Brett makes an appointment with a girl for a devotion tattoo (she wants a tattoo of her fiance's name and a heart) only to have the girl never show up and then go missing, the police start questioning Brett. And her brother's a detective so that makes things sometimes easier and sometimes trickier.

Using Brett's tattoo artist expertise, some...interesting minor characters, a super, super fancy hotel and it's high class manager Simon, a mystery full of twists and turns--and lots of tattoos on the Las Vegas strip, this is not quite your average mystery.

The Tattoo Shop Mysteries first book The Missing Ink is really a fun, cute, original, engaging mystery. While it wasn't predictable or like most other books (and not only because of the characters and setting)--and maybe at least partially of that---I really enjoyed it. At times it was the itsiest bit hard to follow , but only if you read very quickly and don't actually pay attention.

As long as you follow what's what and, more importantly, who's who, it should all be good.

I love that Brett is spunky and daring but not just tough and uncaring. She's a really well developed character and while she's not a girly girl, she's also not on the other end of the spectrum, either. She's real. And I loved her friends, too.

I'm really happy this is a series because I honestly can't wait to read more of this series, I read the first book from the library but I might have to buy the second one--I don't know if I can wait!

The second book, Pretty In Ink was released March 2, 2010 (when this review was meant to go up!)


(I haven't read her other series so I can't say anything about how they compare.)


  1. This sounds like such a kick butt book. I love the summary and the cover. I'm defiantly adding this to my wishlist.

    And just to let you know, I passed on a couple awards to you here:

  2. @Morgan
    I'm reading the second book now...hopefully I can get it reviewed, too.

    And oooh, I am bad-I never posted that award on my blog!


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