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Temptress Four ~ Gaby Triana review

Miami Book Fair International review
The Temptress Four
April 29, 2008
Harper Teen
256 Pages

To celebrate their high school graduation, four longtime friends: Yoli, Killian, Alma, and Fiona are going on a cruise. But the night before they're set to leave, at their school's graduation celebration, they decide to see the fair's fortune teller. Instead of predicting luck and good fortune for them she forsees eight says of strife and storms. And that only one of them will return from their voyage.

The girls try to play off her predictions but they're all anxious, after all, no one told her about the eight day cruise they were about to embark on. Or that they were even friends. For all she knew they could have been four girls who were hanging out at the graduation celebration and came into her tent for a bit of fun.

But they aren't--they're all best friends so they're a bit on edge during they're tropical getaway, worried that everytime they lose track of one of the girls, they'll never see her again.

Will one of them actually fail to make it back home? Will there be trouble on the cruise or was the old fortune teller woman just full of it?

The Temptress Four was a fun read. It was really easy to see all of the girls as friends. They weren't all cookie cutter carbon copies of each other but they also weren't so opposite that you couldn't figure out how on Earth they'd ever decided to be friends. They were different but similar enough that their friendships made sense (like actual friendships).

And the descriptions of the different places they went on the cruise was great, too--it really made me want to go on a vacation! It was nice that the girls did different things each place and didn't just go to the beaches or kayaking in each stop of the ship.

I thought I knew how the story would end for a good bit of the book but that didn't stop me from enjoying reading it. I still liked the progression of the story because of what happened between the girls even though I was, in fact, right about what happened in the end.

I plan to read more of Gaby Triana's books soon and I'm glad I finally read this one!


(same deal with the cover for this one--when I have internet back on my computer and can save pics, I'll add it)

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