Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cathy's Book ~ Sean Stewart & Jordan Weisman Review

Cathy's Book: If Found Call (650) 266-8233 (Cathy's Series Book 1)
Running Kids Press
176 Pages
February 25, 2008

I really don't know if I can tell you why this review didn't get posted--I was absolutely sure it had until I went to check that all of the books I had received from authors or publishers had some sort of note saying so in the review and, well, I couldn't find this review...

Wherever it may be (even if it was only in my head) here's a new version for you--that will for sure get posted right away:

Cathy's Book, the first in a trilogy, is set in the San Francisco area and starts after Cathy's boyfriend breaks up with her. She's more than a little determined to find out why--her best friend just might agree with you if you said her need bordered on 'criminally so,' actually. And her 'book' is her own personal journal of the events that transpire as she works to discover Victor-her ex's-secrets. (It's a really difficult book to summarize.)

An interesting-and honestly sometimes strange-combinations of romance, mystery, and supernatural, Cathy's Book is also interactive with numbers to call, websites to visit, and doodles along the pages (Cathy is an artist). The interactive bits aren't completely necessary for reading and following the story (as they are with Skeleton Creek and Ghost in the Machine) but they do add some enjoyment.

I'm not sure they book wouldn't have been better if it hadn't been more focused on one genre, either the mystery of finding out about Victor or the supernatural instead of trying to work so many things into one short book that some things seemed to be thrown in (a mystery where blanks just happens to be true).

Regardless of that, it was a fun read and I enjoyed the way the different Chinese, I suppose, myths were worked in and I would like to see where the next to books take the story. (I am especially interested in seeing if they're more focused and better now that the first book has sort of set everything up.)

I'll give this book 7/10

(and thank you to Dawn at Running Press for sending me the book--sorry, sorry, sorry for the brain freeze on the review!)

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