Friday, June 19, 2009

Video Veneris

I was coming up with something to post on Fridays and since Veneris is 'Friday' in Latin, I came up with Fridays as my day to try to post videos...

This was posted elsewhere I'm sure, but seeing as how I live near the area discussed and have read the Maureen Johnson book mentioned (reviewed here) and actually had a Borders employee ask me last week if I watched MJ's videos on Youtube...

I could be wrong, for sure, but I think more of the issue here with Bermudez Triangle is the homoexuality in the book. I was talking about this with my brother and I could make a list of at least ten or fifteen books easily that have more sex or drugs in them than Bermudez so the news talking about the issue being drugs and sex is just crazy. Gossip Girl I can almost get that (not the taking it out of YA but not liking the amount of sex, etc).

Our libraries here already don't have a lot of YA books (at least compared to the other places I've lived) so I definitely hope they don't start taking things out of the YA section or giving second thought to what they buy for the YA section.

Let me know what you think?

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