Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not Book Related

I just spent about two hours unwrapping (lots o' bubblewrap), screwing together, tightening and otherwise assembling a pretty bed my mother bought at Pier 1...We don't normally buy stuff there but we need a teeny table for our teeny kitchen and they were having a huge sale so we looked and found the bed...

Anywho, it's pretty and all, but... It's too long. Like 7 inches too long. Nice Pier 1 lady didn't say anything about that.

Twenty second on the internet and Kaboodle tell me, though, that there's a manufacter's defect making it 5 (I'm still saying 7 b/c I measured) inches too long and they're selling it as is---the full size only though...

And after I do all this with a cut on the inside of my finger :( Now to figure out what to tell my mom about her too long bed...Lots of pillows maybe? (Except we also bought a bench to go at the end and that might not work now....)

So, see, I am trying to post reviews...things just keep making it more difficult!

1 comment:

  1. frustrating! i have this problem a lot but it's usually because i'm a lazy measurer. sounds like this wasn't your fault at all!


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