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Miss Newman Isn't Human! ~ Dan Gutman review [@HarperChildrens]

Miss Newman Isn't Human! (My Weirdest School #10)
illustrated by Jim Paillot
February 13, 2018
112 pages
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With more than 12 million books sold, the My Weird School series really gets kids reading!

In this tenth book in the new My Weirdest School series, Sprinkles Newman, the local TV meteorologist, is coming to Ella Mentry School! She’s going to teach A.J. and the gang all about the weather. But what happens when a real live (well, not live) hurricane comes to the school? Hold on to your umbrellas!

Perfect for reluctant readers and word lovers alike, Dan Gutman’s hugely popular My Weird School chapter book series has something for everyone. Don’t miss the hilarious adventures of A.J. and the gang!

In Miss Newman Isn't Human!, A.J., Andrea and the other kids get a visit from the local TV meteorologist (who is not, actually, someone who studies meteors).  A.J. is sure it's going to be boring, but some unexpected things happen that make for a much more interesting day

This Weird School book, aimed at readers in first through third grades, is a fun, sometimes goofy and even a little bit informative read. The author did a great job not making this a book about weather - at least not evreyday weather. Readers likely aren't  that interested in or already know why/how it rains, etc. (Or if they are interested, this probably isn't where they would look for information.)

Instead, the focus is more on Miss Newman, A.J. and his friends, their goofy teacher and a rare bit of weather. It actually isn't a hurricane, but saying what it is would ruin some of the fun. It is different enough to definitely catch readers attention.

Miss Newman Isn't Human! does include a lot of bad/corny jokes - some that were in previous books, as well - but the way they're included is still funny and should make reading more fun, faster and entertaining for readers.

finished copy received from publisher for review consdieration

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