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Hero: Hurricane Rescue ~ Jennifer Li Shotz review [@HarperChildrens]

Hero: Hurricane Rescue (Hero #2)
Harper Collins
May 30, 2017
192 pages
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The action-packed follow-up to Hero, from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Li Shotz.

When a dangerous hurricane strikes town and Jack and his puppy, Scout, go missing, retired search-and-rescue dog Hero is the only one who can track them down.

Hero and his human, Ben, set off into the woods, but when the storm surges out of control, the group is suddenly trapped with no way out. Now it’s up to Hero to get everyone home safe and sound. Together, Hero and Ben fight for their lives—but can Hero battle his way past alligators, mudslides, and raging floods?

Join Hero for another epic adventure and discover what a dog will do to save his best friend.

Hero: Hurricane Rescue is the sequel to 2016's Hero (Hero #1) and there are references in the new release to that first story but Hero: Hurricane Rescue can be read on its own.

Ben's father is a police officer and he worked with Hero, a search and rescue dog, before Hero was retired. Now, Hero lives with Ben and his family and, while he may be retired, he hasn't lost his ability to or love for search and rescue.

Hero and Ben are great. Ben has faith in Hero's ability to find people, but also enjoys playing with him like anyone plays with their dog. Through Ben's amazement at Hero's abilities and how he explains things to other characters, readers get a good idea of what Hero can do - and how. It is a good introduction to a SAR dog without being more technical than the book's audience needs.

The depiction of a the hurricane did feel realistic. The sped at which everything developed - from the boy's learning the hurricane was headed for Gulfport to its arrival to the different stages of the storm - happened at an incredibly accelerated pace. It was a great way to move along the action in the book while providing anxiety and tension, all without drawing anything out. If it had been a tropical depression or storm or even just a really bad thunderstorm system, it would have seemed more plausible. (Anyone who doesn't love where there are hurricanes will probably not notice any of this, but those like me who do, will.)

There did seem to be consequences of the storm that impacted Ben on his search, without what caused those things impacting him. (It's tricky to explain without being spoilery.)

All of that said, though, I really did enjoy this book. Hero is a great dog who has fantastic tracking abilities, is smart, fun and has a great relationship with Ben. The things he and Ben run up against would be unbelievable in any other situation and how they deal with things in inventive and, at times, thrilling. Ben's character, his age, his sense of responsibility and that he cares so much about his parents' worries is a great main character and match for Hero.

Readers that like adventure stories that aren't too dangerous and dog books should enjoy Hero: Hurricane Rescue. The third Hero book, Hero: Rescue Mission will released in October.

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