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Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth ~ Guinnevere Shuster (earc) review [@AndrewsMcMeel]

Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth
Andrews McMeel Publishing
May 03, 2016
128 pages
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Man's best friend! What better way to showcase adoptable dogs than by letting their true personalities shine in a photo booth! In the tradition of the best-selling dog photography book, Underwater Dogs, Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth wins the heart of all dog lovers.

Often seen as sad, rejected, and behind cold metal bars, it's no wonder people would avoid images of shelter dogs awaiting forever homes. From talented photographer (and now public figure and adoption champion) Guinnivere Shuster comes Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth, a guaranteed-to-make-you-smile photo book featuring shelter dogs in a brand-new light. Get ready to see the cutest canine portraits you’ve ever seen! Guinnevere’s fantastic photos went viral and have been featured on websites, in magazines, and on television programs all over the world: Good Morning America, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Time, The Daily Mail . . . even celebrities have gotten in on the action: Amy Poehler, Cesar Millan, and Zooey Deschanel have made statements and posts declaring their love of Guinnevere’s work. After the adorable and up-for-adoption photos of these furry friends were seen and enjoyed by millions, adoption rates at Utah's Humane Society skyrocketed.

The book features 100 dog photo booth style photographs, each accompanied by a short story about the dog's personality, how the dog ended up in the shelter, and the adoption date. A follow-up will conclude the book, with photos of some of them with their new families.

A portion of the proceeds of this book will benefit the Humane Society of Utah and Best Friends Animal Society.

If you love dogs and  looking at cute, funny, adorable, hilarious photos they can take and/or supporting animal shelters, Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth is just for you.

I heard a while ago that taking more flattering, attractive photos of dogs (and cats) up for adoption works much better than the standard, quick photo usually used. It's more endearing and the animals look more like who you'd want to be your new family member. I knew it but this was the first time I saw more than one or two examples.

This is a book of fantastic pictures of dogs and you can really see how they helped the canines find new homes. Each page features four photos of the dog and a short paragraph about their personality, how they came to the Humane Society of Utah shelter, and when (sometimes how quickly) they were adopted. It's really only a few sentences but knowing just that bit more about the dog, usually including an age and breed/mix, was nice.

(You can check out the Humane Society of Utah's Instagram to get an idea of what the photos look like - and maybe find yourself a new friend!)

There are a few photos, at the end, of the dogs after they were adopted, some with their new families and a page about the Humane Society of Utah.

It really is all about the dog photos, though - and supporting the shelter, of course.

Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth is the book to get if you like looking at dogs and supporting pet adoption.

review copy received from publisher, via NetGalley

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