Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 (Bookish) Resolutions

This week's Ten:
Top Ten Resolutions for 2016
(the bookish ones)

Do more with Tumblr

 My reviews and posts are back being posted there, but I need to spend more time actually on Tumblr.

Do more with Instagram
I got in a bad habit of not doing enough on or with Instagram when my camera wasn't working. Now that I have a new phone, I really need to change those habits.

Keep Up With Sign Up for Book Challenges (then Keep Up With Them)
I am so, so good at signing up for book challenges (okay, not this year, so far). I even think of them when I am choosing some of my books and tend to do pretty well on most of them . . . except that I almost never update my post with the list of them or comment on the challenge posts/linkys. I don't know if I'll be able to do better on this, but I would like ot.

Do Better with Library Reads
One of my Top Ten posts a few weeks ago was library books I need to recheck out and actually finish. Since then I have only added to how many books I need to do that with . . . Some of them were ones I was really enjoying and do want to finish, so I will try to make that a priority. (Or at least try to finish new ones I check out!)

Post More Reviews on Goodreads
I am good at keeping track of what I am reading or want to read on Goodreads, of finding new things to read there and knowing release dates, etc thanks to them. What I am less good about is posting my reviews and/or ratings there.

Read Some of My Owned Books
Kind of like the library resolution up at number four. There are too man books that I own and want to read but have not. Books on my shelf seem to come after books I am reviewing and after library books.  This was one book challenge for 2015 that I failed miserably but I am hoping to be (at least a little bit) better this year.

Review More of My Audio Book Reads/Listens
Maybe because I am not 'reading' them or because they usually are not as new as the titles I read, I do not review the audio books I've listened to very often. Some of them are great and very deserving of a review - both the book but also the narration. 

Keep Review Notes/Quotes/etc in One Place
It isn't that I don't keep notes, etc for my reviews, it's that I keep them in too, too many places. On my phone, in my email, in notepad, in Word, on my Kindle, on paper, etc. For me and my love of organizing things, it's not acceptable. This may be #8, but it's the first one being done.

Make More Book Inspired Cupcakes/Cookies
I made cupcakes to match the cover of Carrie Harris' Bad Taste in Boys forever ago and want to make penguin cookies because of Jennifer Longo's Up to This Pointe.  I should actually make those cookies and all the others I think of. (I do know it's Pointe not Point . . . oops.)

Which leads to

Not suck so much at Twitter
Some of this also started with my faulty phone (see #2) but, also, I'm just bad at it. Bad, slow and forgetful.

Please leave a comment and let me know your resolutions for 2016 whether they're bookish, not or a combination!

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