Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Waiting On Wednesday [@alterkates @HarlequinTeen]

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My pick for this week:

(The Sisters of Blood and Spirit #2)

As Halloween approaches, twin sisters Lark, who is alive, and Wren, a tethered spirit, find themselves drifting apart. While Lark is happy with new boyfriend Ben, Wren is still hurting over her own still-alive-and-kicking love-interest, Kevin, who may or may not have kissed another girl. Spending more time on the Other Side, and less time with her sister in the land of the living, Lark becomes close with the spirit of a young man, Noah, who was killed years ago. But Noah is not as nice as he seems, and his thirst for vengeance has a dark and sudden influence on Wren. With the veil between the worlds thinning for Halloween, the spirits are getting stronger and it will be up to Lark and her friends to stop Noah and save Wren from becoming a monster. But the only way to do that could be to kill the boy that Wren is falling in love with.

published March 29/30th by Harlequin Teen

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This week's pick ties in quite well with my Halloween-ish Top Ten Tuesday (post). Not only does it actually mention Halloween in the summary, but it's the follow-up to Sisters of Blood and Spirit (!!!!). I loved that book and have been waiting to read more about Lark and Wren.

Now that it is not only Lark who knows about Wren (and believes, which is pretty key)< I am really looking forward to seeing how the group interacts, what they learn about the spirits (and Wren) and what they get up to.

I do think the summary means that Wren, not Lark, becomes close with Noah and I am curious to see her characters developing relationships with people(/spirits) other than her sister and how that plays out for them both. (Obviously not fantastically if the rest of the description is to be believed!)

That's my pick for this week, what's yours? Tell me in the comments and/or link me to your own post!

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