Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Genie

This week's Ten:
10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

A trip to the library planet from Doctor Who
Only, you know, with all of the possibilities for danger and/or death removed. A whole planet that is a library, that's really just too much to ignore.

My dream home library
Which is, admittedly, not this picture but I couldn't find a better/more accurate one, so . . . All of those libraries you read about in Victorian or Gothic novels? With the wood and the ladders and closed off from the rest of the house and quiet? With tons of books to discover, all without leaving home? Yeah I want that.

For any/all of these books to be published/to read them
Those books that you found back in 2012 and added to your Goodreads shelves only to have their publication dates pushed back and pushed back and then vanish altogether? I want to read them! 

For this to be in my backyard

(Not sure if the Pin is going to embed, it's being difficult)

To be able to read and understand books in languages I do not know

There are authors and books I have enjoyed reading, only to find out that it is either the only one of the authors titles translated into English or the only book of the series that has been translated. I would love to read their other novels/the rest of the series, this wold be more expedient than mastering whole languages!

For new books I want o magically appear!

I'm not picky, they can be at my library as physical books or as ebooks, or appear in the mail  - any/all of those would work.

To spend the day with a certain fictional character
The 'who' of this wish would likely change depending on when you ask. When you read a book and love or hate or both a character, but cannot help but be utterly fascinated by them and who they are? When you're sure that what you found in the novel is only the tip of the iceberg? I would love time to explore those characters more. (My current choice would be Eleanor Edevane from The Lake House.)

For some of the bioluminescent trees from Trial by Fire
. “Bioluminescent trees instead of streetlamps," - pg 187 How could you not want some of these?

A truly water-proof e-reader
So many times this summer I wanted something that I could read on without worrying that it was going to start raining or get splashed on or fall in the pool.

Joni's room from What You Left Behind
Maybe just to visit. I wouldn't want it to be my bedroom, but I want it to be in existence so I can go and see it, experience it.

Please leave a comment and tell me what your wishes for the Book Genie would be!

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