Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's Ten: Ten Book Related Problems I Have (could be serious or fun!)
  1. Unclear Series Order - I hate, hate, hate when I buy and/or read about a book, only to find out that it's Book X in a series (X being not 1). It usually involves spoilers for that first book which I don't like. I also hate when book order either isn't listed in a book or it's unclear.

    (The cover for Alex London's Guardian is one of my favorites for letting you know it's a sequel [to Proxy].)
  2. Forgetting What Happened in the Previous Book - A lot of times I read a book, love it, get super excited when the sequel comes out, start reading it . . . Only to discover I don't remember that earlier book as much as I thought I did. Usually it works out because the author does a great job, but it's a problem I have (with me).
  3. Judging Books by their Covers - No, it's not fair. Yes, I know I shouldn't do it, but I still do. I pick up books I likely never would have if I love the cover and probably don't give enough attention to books with less than stellar covers.
  4. Owning Too Many Books - So, I don't really think it's too many but space-wise, it probably is. -
  5. My TBR Shelf Size - The amount of books I add to it in any given week/month/year far exceeds the number I am able to read in that same period.
  6. Characters Are Fictional - No duh, right? But sometimes I really, really, really want to magic them into being. Really.
  7. Being Overprotective of My Books - I'm horrible about this if it's one I haven't read yet (I recognize it, but it'snot going to change) and am only a little better if it's one I've read. Bent/otherwise damaged covers, paperbacks that stay open, bent pages, etc.
  8. Really, Really Wanting - Maybe Even Needing - You to Read Book X - If I truly love a book, think it has something to say, want to talk about it with someone, or some combination of the three, I can be really persistent (maybe even annoying/obnoxious) about pushing people to read that book.
  9. Trouble Reading Similar Books at the Same Time/In a Row - I can get the characters traits, history, relationship and/or events in books confused if I read books with similar characters at the same time or one after the other.
  10. Narrator Issues - This one is, obviously, only in regards to audio books. There are some books that I haven't yet read - though I wanted to - because something about the narrator just did. not. work. for me. For whatever reason, I seem less likely to read these as print/ebooks than I am other titles.

Did you make your own Top Ten Tuesday post? Link me to it! If you didn't but you have Book Related Problems, let me know in the comments.

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