Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's Ten:  Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books 

  1. Don't Like: Love Triangles done for the sake of having a love triangle. I'm sure you've all read a book where it seemed there was a love triangle so that we could have another boy (or girl) to swoon over or a character introduced seemingly only to make the romantic lead look amazing in comparison, etc.

    When it doesn't fit with the character who is 'torn' between two contenders, when there fails to be any real consequences or impact on the relationship, I really don't like love triangles.
  2. However, I Do Like: Love Triangles that work. When it fits with the characters and/or their relationship to have that insecurity, that indecision, I can really enjoy what a love triangle adds to a book. When there's a reason for it, that is backed up by the characters and their relationship and/or when it has some really affect on the outcome of things, I'm really okay with love triangles. Even if they still frustrate me, I do like them, at times.
  3. Don't Like: Characters forgetting themselves. Not their actual memory (that can be pretty amazing), but when a character is willing to give up their morals, their beliefs, really anything and everything they hold dear for involvement with another character. No matter how good looking or talented you make the other character, it just doesn't work if the first character is willing to become an entirely different person to be with them.
  4. This one's almost a cheat, but I Do Like: when characters literally forget themselves. Whether it's Forgotten, Memento Nora, The Forgetting, Before I Go to Sleep, Crash & BurnRunner or any other book dealing with amnesia or lost or stolen memories, I love having to piece it all together, sometimes even as the character does. It adds a fun element of mystery to the story and you're never sure if the character can be relied on and/or who they really are.
  5. Don't Like: Cheating when it's done to be 'sexy.' It can work in a story, I guess, but I tend to not like those tales' characters, relationships or, really, the story itself.
  6. Do Like: Cheating, infidelity when it's done well. This one's again not so much a 'like' as it is a 'can like it.' If a character is unfaithful to another character (or even an implied character) but it's more than just for sensationalism, when it has real affects all around, when there's hesitation and/or reservations expressed by the characters and real consequences/aftermath, it can add a level of complexity and something more to a story.
  7. Don't Like: When female characters are 'one of the boys' and hate any other female characters. When a female character either plays sports, hangs with only guys, doesn't do 'girly' things, it seems to, sometimes, be seen as an excuse for her to view other female characters negatively. Especially, those that are 'girly' girls or cheerleaders or don't play sports, or wear makeup, etc. It doesn't work, at all, for me and can really ruin any book.
  8. Do Like: When a character is 'one of the guys' but has female friends. They don't have to be good friends, honestly, even acquaintances or people she sometimes speaks to works. It's a characters ability to not like the typical 'girl' things and to enjoy more 'boy' activities, but still respect other girls/women and treat them decently. I don't like male characters trashing girls or 'what kind of girls' they are, so I don't like it when female character do it, either.
  9. Don't Like: Insta-love. Isn't this one pretty self explanatory?
  10. Do Like: Instant Chemistry. Sometimes it's just immediate and I love it. 

What do you like or dislike about romances in books? I would really love to hear - and if you did your own Top Ten Tuesday post, link me to it!

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