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This Night So Dark ~ Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooer [@DisneyHyperion @AmieKaufman @MeaganSpooner]

This Night So Dark (Starbound #1.5)
Disney Hyperion
October 7, 2014
109 pages
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Don’t miss the breathtaking short story that connects the first two novels in the Starbound trilogy, These Broken Stars and This Shattered World.

Tarver still has nightmares about the night, six months before the Icarus crash, when he rescued a group of civilian researchers being held hostage by brutal mercenaries. Now Tarver and Lilac must reconcile his memories of that fateful night with the truth that they uncovered on a mysterious planet after the Icarus crashed.

Includes a bonus preview chapter from This Shattered World!

If you have been eagerly awaiting the release of This Shattered World later this month (my review is coming soon), make sure you don't miss This Night So Dark.

A short digital short released this fall, This Night So Dark bridges the first two Starbound books, These Broken Stars* and This Shattered World.

This e-story features the characters from These Broken Stars but introduces some new ones as well to tell a story that gives a deeper understanding of some things from that book while hinting at some of what will be in This Shattered World. It is one of my favorite e-shorts, so far. It does, understandably, contain some spoilers for These Broken Stars but the bigger things (ie you'll know there's a forest, but not know what the individual trees look like). If you don't mind spoilers, This Night So Dark will tempt you into reading These Broken Stars.

It does not have spoilers for This Shattered World, except to maybe hint at what is going to be a part of the story, somehow. Though, that's also hinted at with it being a trilogy, each book tied together somehow.

I read This Night So Dark after This Shattered World and liked doing it that way. I read the first two novels not being sure how they would be connected, what they would have in common. (But I also abhor spoilers of any sort - even those in synopses.)

Whatever order you want to read the books in, do read them - This Night So Dark, included. It's a short story but done very well. It's  another glimpse into the lives of characters we fell in love with in These Broken Stars and a reminder of why This Shattered World's release can't come soon enough.

This Night So Dark is free on Kindle and NOOK so you have no reason not to get it! If you don't have an ereader, you can get the free app: FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices and read it on your smartphone, computer, etc.)

I almost missed this one; if there's another enovella, digital short story you think I should know about, let me know!

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