Monday, September 24, 2012

Feedburner is to Houdini as . . .

Update: I'm still not sure if the Book Sp(l)ot emails are going out (I'm not getting them or most of the ones from blogs I'm subscribed to), but Feedburner seems to technically be working (for now).

Thanks to some information from Giselle at Xpresso Reads, a post by Parajunkee, and some Googling, I'm going to investigate this Feedburner/not business some more.

'Til then, if you're subscribed by not getting anything, let me know!

As Feedburner is currently (possible permanently down slash not functioning at all, I've added a new 
way to subscribe to Book Sp(l)ot Reviews by email:

There's now a FeedCat button on my sidebar --> 

and I've updated my RSS button (at the top of the right sidebar) to link to my FeedCat feed.

This won't pull over old subscribers (Feedburner has currently lost everyone), but if you'd like to keep - or start - getting Book Sp(l)ot Reviews post in your inbox, there is a way :)

Now, to find out how to get all the posts I was getting in my inbox . . . And maybe that should be Feedburner is to subscriptions/subscribers as Houdini is to himself? Oh, well.


  1. Actually Feedburner is functioning fine. The only thing not working is the counter and they're working on the issue now:

    I'm still getting everyone's RSS and emails. Also, feedcat is allowed to put adds on your blog which can be both annoying and slow it down. If you don't want to use feedburner, just use the native feed from blogger (found with the Post (atom) link below all your posts on your main page. Which is what GFC uses as well. I didn't even HAVE Feedburner until a few months ago, and I had plenty of feed subscribers :)

    1. I'm still not getting most emails from blogs (including my own). From the 19th until last night I wasn't getting any and then I've gotten two. In that time I was only getting blogs from Wordpress or that had their own url (even if they were still Blogger blogs).

      I changed the wording on my Feedburner and Feedcat options last night but I've just put it back to Feedburner this morning until I look into things more. Thanks. I do still need to find out what they're doing with Feedburner on the 20th (& how/if it effects email subscriptions) and why I'm still not receiving most of mine.

      Thank you :)

  2. I think they're just having technical problems. I noticed my counter is working today so they are working on it. I have been getting all my emails as normal including my own. And the RSS seems fine when I check my own but it's possible it's been acting funny for some, too. I was told by 1 subscriber they weren't getting my emails. But when I asked on Twitter, every subscriber who saw my tweet told me they were getting them so I think it's just a glitch. I wouldn't jump ship quite yet. I'd use the native feed before going to feedcat, too. I tought it was a good alternative but after looking into it I saw they were putting adds on blog and stuff so that's not something I want, but maybe others will be fine with it though. Hopefully it'll all get resolved soon.


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