Friday, August 3, 2012

Ebook Sampler

What's better than reading a sample of one book you think you want to read? Reading a sample of two, three or even four books you think you want to read, of course! And then getting some bonus content from those books, too.

Bloomsbury's offering just that with their new ebook sampler Dark Places

Dark Places features an excerpt from each book - The UnquietFractureTranscendence and Freaks Like Us - as well as bonus content. There's a retold first chapter from Fracture as well as one from Transcendence; a bonus story for Freaks Like Us and an additional story for The Unquiet.

reviewed The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee recently and loved it.  Reviewed CJ Omololu's Transcendence at the end of May and adored it. In January there was my  review of Megan Miranda's Fracture (the post also features an author interview) and guess what? Loved it, too.

All three books received nine stars - and the fourth book, Susan Vaught's upcoming Freaks Like Us is one I cannot wait to read!

Dark Places is not skimping on the awesomeness one bit here - don't miss it.

If you've wondered about any or all of these stories, read them and wanted a bit more, or just now had them brought to your attention, this free ebook sampler is a must download and a must read!

Available (for free) from B&N nook, Amazon Kindle

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