Friday, May 4, 2012

Video Veneris

Tara Hudson's fantastic Hereafter debut was one of the reviews I lost last summer when my computer got crushed (and I was out of town so the transferring, redoing, backing up was a little off) but if you haven't read it yet you really need to . . .want to know why?

Arise the sequel is out on June 5th . . . oh how I need to find a way to read this book (my life is sorely lacking in ghost books). And maybe I should do that Spooky Summer event rolling around in my head?

Amazon: Arise/Hereafter/pre-order Kindle edition of Hereafter with Bonus Material for only $.99
(Right now hardcover of Hereafter is only $7.20 on Amazon which is cheaper than the paperback)

Goodreads: Hereafter/Arise

Book Depo: Hereafter/Arise

-------> Avengers UK trailer

Then no, it's not a book trailer but here's The Avengers UK trailer:
(I suppose since it's from The Avengers comic book series it can almost count? Yeah, didn't think so, either - but it's fun.)

Opens today in the US and is already playing in the UK

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