Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

This Thursday 13 involves books very little (usually they involve them more as this is a book blog) . . . It is cooking/baking related, however, so cookbooks (Or, maybe the internet/recipe sites . . .shhhh!) will likely be involved at a later date :-)

13 Things I Want to Learn to Bake/Cook
  1. Crossiants - This and #3 I think are my top want-to-learns
  2. Prettier Cupcakes - Likely just involves not using my (oops!) expired baking powder and learning about my pastry bag because they taste great but I want them better and looking nicer.
  3. Falafel - I don't live by places that make it well anymore so I must learn. If you know how, please tell!
  4. These Cupcakes (yes, it's a cached version but the actual page is being funny atm - aren't the cupcakes beautifuous, though?)
  5. Asian Pasta Salad - (the few recipes I've seen aren't like what I mean - I get it at as a side at a restaurant and love it, so . . . can't be impossible)
  6. Dog Treats my dog can eat (she has allergies)
  7. White Chocolate Chip Cookies (just switching the out chocolate chips for white ones always makes me want something more in them)
  8. Saganaki - the cheese you get at Greek restaurants that they light on fire. a) it's good b) wouldn't that be fun?
  9. A really good pizza. Okay, so it's possible to do this and has been done . . . just not in so long that I really want one.
  10. Donuts. Really, I could do without this one but I don't eat them because generally the ones from Dunkin' Donuts, etc cause problems but someday I'd like to make some . . . maybe  No, more than that I want to make Spicy Tuna sushi rolls :) (that are really good)
  11. Bagels. If I could make donuts, why not bagels? Then I could make any kind I wanted and they'd be super fresh and warm and yummy.
  12. Eclairs - okay, this one's only because the donut thing reminded me of a book I got from the library (Delicious Pastries) that has super gorgeous chocolate raspberry eclairs in it. No idea if I'll like them, but they look so gorgeous.
  13. Anything from this book: Chococo Chocolate Cookbook (my library needs to stop displaying cookbooks with enticing covers/titles).
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  1. I love trying out new recipes. Then there is eating the result. Fun all around!

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for checking out my Thursday Thirteen!


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